Where You Can Volunteer in Chicago Today

The year 2020 has brought many of us face to face with the inequalities and injustices many American’s face. It has also increased awareness of the impact of a hyper-focused and hyper-local effort. It has also allowed many of us and our neighbors to identify the local outlets and organizations that need our resources. Regardless if it is your time, financial donations, blood, extra clothing, or food, the support is needed and the support can be applied today! We’ve compiled a list of a few local Chicago organizations that are looking for volunteers today.

Black Lives Matter Chicago has been covering great ground in various ways to help communities that are suffering. Whether through monetary donations, food donations, or volunteering time, BLM Chicago has been amplifying and vocalizing how others can help. For example, you can volunteer at a BLM Chicago run foodbank or simply sending a one-time Venmo payment! The resources available to help are vast. BLM Chicago also works in tandem with other organizations that specialize in services such as first responder emergency training for individuals interested in helping their communities among many others. 


Center on Halsted is an organization that offers a wide array of services in support of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a devoted safe space for those who feel like they’ve lost hope, don’t have support at home or within their local community, or even have housing or daily sustenance. You can help Center on Halsted by assisting with producing special events, serving meals to in-need youths and seniors, helping Center guests write resumes, creating safe sex packets, assist with HIV outreach programs, general administration assistance as well as much more. Whether someone is LGBTQ+ or merely a cis-gendered ally, Center on Halsted is happy to welcome all. 


If you are an attorney and are in good standing with the bar you can volunteer remotely at Legal Aid Chicago. LAD provides aid to people who would otherwise not have legal representation. If you are studying to become a lawyer you can also offer your services through an internship and work pro bono on a case. 


Often, members of the transgender community are denied legal representation due to unfair biases. The Transgender Law Center provides legal support that this community is often denied. Volunteer opportunities are available for both attorneys and those who do not hold a law degree, who simply would like to help support this cause.  


If you’d like to support the youth of Chicago whether through homework help, reviewing samples of writing assignments, or donating books, 826Chi may be the route to go. The program is a relatively easy way to help support the youth of Chicago’s intellectual goals remotely or in person! 


Greater Chicago Food Depository is offering a list of searchable locations, statewide for those in need of food. GCFD also offers various volunteer opportunities for those wishing to become involved.


Whether it’s your time, donated items, or monetary funding, know that whatever you choose to give is appreciated by someone who needed it. These programs exist for a reason and someone, local to your neighborhood or city, needed what you chose to give. Let’s continue to look out for one another, especially during more difficult and trying times.


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