Rental Round-Up: Rentals in North Center Under 2.5k

North Center might not get the press and hype like Lakeview or Wrigleyville, but it’s one of the best-kept secrets of Chicago’s North Side. It’s all in the name; North Center is the heart of the North Side and has lots of transportation and commuting options. Plus the food and beverage scene gets more active every month! Of course, the real action in North Center is not just at restaurants or bars…but at Timber Lanes, possibly Chicago’s best bowling alley. If you’re interested in renting in North Center, read on for some great property picks.

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Where to Score Local Art Online

If we’ve learned anything over the past 12 months or so, it’s how to shop and order items online from the comfort of our own homes! But what about something besides Netflix and Amazon? Supporting local Chicagoland businesses and creative artists is always a cool idea, and everyone loves handmade, unique art for their personal spaces.

So we’ve rounded up some good ways to buy local and unique art and décor online. We’ve started with some more well-known options and also included some regional boutiques and spaces for you to browse through. Enjoy!

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4 Ways To Combat Seasonal Depression

There’s no other way to say it: winters in Chicago are pretty darn cold. Thus it’s normal to start feeling ‘under the weather’ or face cabin fever during the wintertime. Not to mention the next wave of at-home orders or quarantines have forced many of us to stay inside without the option to face fresh air on a daily basis. This situation has a name, the aptly-titled SAD a.k.a. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Do you sleep a bit more during winter? Do you feel a bit lower in energy, or just not as excited to do stuff you’re usually into? Yep, you too could be letting the weather get you down…even if it’s just a little bit.

So we’ve got four ideas to help fight the Lake Michigan winter blues and get you feeling good again!

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Broker Blog: Setting Intentions For The New Year

January ushers in a fresh start to the new year, bringing forth optimism and excitement about the opportunities that lay ahead. It’s the perfect time to reflect on all you accomplished last year and set your intentions for the future. Whether you’re interested in building a healthier lifestyle, spending more time with loved ones, or trying to advance in your career– one of the first steps to achieving your goals is to outline them. Here are some tips to make that happen. Continue reading

5 Gifts Perfect For Your Neighbor (Anytime of the Year)

If you’re on this site, there’s a good chance you’re interested in a new place to live. In fact, more people in the United States moved last year compared to any other in the last decade. Whether renting or buying, FultonGrace has you covered. And whether you’ve just moved in, about to move, or you have some new neighbors…the best way to introduce yourself is with a gift! In this article, we’ll give you five great gift ideas for meeting new neighbors or becoming better introduced to old ones.  Continue reading

The Best Chicago Hotels For a Staycation

From art installations to skyscrapers to sports, from Magnificent Mile shopping and world-class theatre, to the beaches on Lake Michigan…Chicago has a lot going on. And what better way to see it than like a tourist. What? We’re talking about a stay-cation! Instead of flying somewhere else and booking a hotel, get out of your place for the weekend. Dress up, see a show, hit a nice restaurant, or just book a spa treatment and let someone else make the bed for a change. If you’ve never booked a stay-cation, give it a try. And as the weather’s getting colder, room prices are going down and it feels quite cozy in a nice hotel room!

This article will show you a few great options for a ‘stay-cation’ here in the CHI.

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Dead of Winter, Meet Cozy Staging: How the ‘Hygge’ Style Can Help Sell Your Home

When the depths of winter settle in and the outside becomes a vast sea of snow and frigid air there is nothing more appealing than curling up on a soft chair next to a warm crackling fireplace.  Denmark finds this scenario so appealing that they have a word for it: “hygge” (pronounced hue-gah.)  Hygge is a lifestyle and a part of Danish culture that dates back to the 18th century.  It is defined as coziness or a feeling of warmth and security. 

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Broker Blog: Holiday Recipes

Whether you’re entertaining your entire extended family or keeping it small this year, preparing for the holidays requires a lot of energy. In between buying gifts and setting up the village you see pictured below– I host events for both my family and my friends. I understand how planning out appetizers, meals, and desserts can take up a lot of time. That’s why I’ve organized a few of my favorite recipes that are easy to make so you can focus on what’s important– spending time with your loved ones.

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5 Best Uses of Social Media For Agents

So we’re going to switch gears a little bit here on the blog, and speak not to just prospective renters and homebuyers, but also to agents themselves. Working in real estate…you learn it’s a research business, a knowledge business, a relationships business, and an advertising and marketing business. And social media can help you build and sustain all of those important tenets of the job. In this article, we’ll go through everything from setting up your socials to targeting and marketing so that you reach your clients in the best way possible.  

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