Tips For Surviving Chicago Winter

Remember the summer? A time filled with outdoor street festivals, days spent enjoying the Chicago playpen, and sunshine well past 4:30 pm. Those days will soon feel like years ago now that Chicago winter is on the horizon. The first Chicago winter, for most people, can be a painful learning experience. As much as we’d love to say it is something you get used to, the shock of the extreme cold can trip up even lifelong Chicagoans.

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15 Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is a special time to get together with family right before the chaos of Christmas. No concerns of if you bought the right gifts, if you got the best deals, or if the tree you meticulously decorated meets your guests’ standards. Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with loved ones, and most importantly, Thanksgiving is about eating a lot of food.

Thanksgiving dinner is arguably one of the most anticipated meals of the year, and while the turkey is the undeniable star, these 15 unique side dishes just might steal the show. 

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Make Chicago Home: Bridgeport

On Chicago’s near south side, Bridgeport is a welcoming, multicultural neighborhood with charming historic architecture. Ranking as one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods, its cultural history has left an indelible mark on Chicago cuisine. All kinds of ethnic fare can be found throughout the neighborhood, but it is most famously known for the breaded steak sandwich, served at almost all of the neighborhood’s pizzerias.

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Sale Round-Up: Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is many things Chicagoans crave: delightful restaurants, endless entertainment, and shopping galore. The motto “urbs in horto” — or “City in a Garden”— completely describes Lincoln Park. From the endless green spaces and waterfront areas in many parts of this neighborhood to the gorgeous homes and vibrant history, the urban explorer will never run out of things to marvel at in Lincoln Park. Below you’ll find a round-up of homes for sale in Lincoln Park.

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Make Chicago Home: Pilsen

Located on the west side of Chicago, just 3 miles outside the Loop, Pilsen is a neighborhood that oozes art, music, and culture. Home to award-winning restaurants, iconic music venues, and the Chicago Arts District, Pilsen has something to do for everyone. The population of this lower west side hotspot has steadily increased by 5% year-to-year from all the people wanting to call this hip neighborhood home; it was even named one of the coolest neighborhoods around the world by Forbes in 2018.

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3 Chicago Parks to Visit Before Winter’s Here

If you’re a true Chicagoan, you know the dread of hearing “winter is coming.” Chicago winters are full of snow and windy gray days with below-freezing temperatures, which is even more reason to soak up every bit of the outdoors and fall while you can.

Now that the Halloween activities have subsided for the season, it’s time to just take in the crisp fall air and admire the falling foliage while you can, and there’s no better way to do that than to visit one of Chicago’s many parks! Here’s a list of 3 of our favorite Chicago parks to visit before wintertime:

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20 Candy Alternatives To Hand Out This Halloween

If you’re a kid you might argue that candy is the best part of Halloween, but if you’re a parent, you may have a completely different outlook.  While traditional Halloween candy is a great treat to have in moderation, it is also packed full of sugar and other additives that don’t make for a great source of nutrition. Instead of handing out typical treats this Halloween, try one of these 20 alternatives: 

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10 Chicago Speakeasies You Won’t Want To Miss

Even though Prohibition ended nearly a century ago, speakeasies are still as popular as ever. The enchanting allure of disappearing into a hidden, intimate bar nestled just below the loud chaos of the city is heightened even more as the weather cools down, and we want to be cozied up in small, dim-lit places. Speakeasies are an integral part of Chicago’s local bar culture, and we have a list of ten of them to check out this fall.

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