At-Home Bar Cart Essentials

Let’s be honest, it’s always a good time to invest in an at-home bar cart. Whether you’re the entertainer in your group of friends or want to be up to par at your virtual parties, this essential list will make you look both knowledgeable and sophisticated. What’s great with bar carts is that you can start small and slowly grow and adapt your collection of alcohols and tools to your liking. They are the cherry on top in any interior and a big eye-catcher for renters. 

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Rental Round Up: 5 Homes for Rent Under 4K in Wicker Park

Wicker Park has become one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods in the recent years. With its lively community, its hub for locally-owned businesses, its eclectic restaurants and its popular nightlife, it ticks many boxes. If you’re looking to live at the heart of a creative, inspiring and booming neighborhood, we couldn’t recommend Wicker Park enough. One of these attractive listings of homes could be your next rental

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A Brief History Behind Chicago’s Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park is a neighborhood and community on the West Side of Chicago. Humboldt Park is also the name of its namesake park of 207 acres that is situated on the northeast part of the neighborhood. Officially becoming a part of the Windy City in 1869, Humboldt Park has an interesting history that shares insight into the diverse, active and artistic community it is today. Find out more about the history behind Chicago’s vibrant and communal Latino neighborhood below.

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How to Plant an (Indoor) Herb Garden at Home

We bet planting an indoor herb garden will be your next at-home hobby and this complete guide will tell you why. It’s easy, accessible to everybody, and has a load of benefits. Some of which include increased productivity, boosts your mood and lowers stress, and can even reduce noise levels! All you eager beginners out there are probably wondering where to start. Don’t you worry, this how-to guide will answer all your questions and have you looking like a pro gardener in no time. 

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Broker Blog: Steps to Find the Perfect Vintage Furniture and Decor

Making a space “your own” can have many different meanings. It could be cherished family photos sprinkled across the walls or your favorite color splashed across the decor of your home. But oftentimes, we can find ourselves seeking inspiration from the influence of others or buying into a furniture trend from IKEA. There is nothing wrong with following home design trends, but sticking too close to these mainstream trends can gradually make your home feel foreign and, well, not like yourself. 

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5 Benefits of Investing In a Multi-Family Property

Investing in a multi-family property is a great idea for many different reasons. If you choose the area carefully and think of your target audience/tenants while looking at what is available on the market you’ll be ahead of the game. For example, if you wish to rent out your multi-family property to young professionals in Chicago, make sure you are investing in the heart of the city where all the action happens. 

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