5 Questions to Ask When Considering New Construction

New construction homes come with a set of unique benefits. You’re moving into a new space that hasn’t been lived in by anyone else, everything is clean and unused. Also, you’ve probably got some new, modern features that your friends in older homes don’t have. Just these benefits alone might have you convinced that living in a new build is the way to go, which is great! If that’s what you’ve decided, there’s a lot that you want to be aware of when looking at new construction homes. 

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Broker Blog: Perks of Mixed-Use Developments in Your Neighborhood

Over the past decade, the popularity of mixed-use developments in the United States, including Chicago, has surged. Mixed-use developments are considered tactics often used to rejuvenate communities by creating a space where residents can also work and shop. While mixed-use developments usually mean larger and taller buildings, an arguable dissent of some, the benefits of mixed-use properties are reason enough to welcome the idea in many neighborhoods.

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Today’s Top Trending Paint Colors

Picking out the right color for your home can be daunting. There are so many options and elements to consider. From the mood you’d like to create for the room and what colors help evoke certain feelings, to what your natural surroundings emote. Now more than ever being comfortable in your own home is paramount. It’s time to get creative and expand the boundaries of what egg-shell white matte offers your home!

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3 Lincoln Park Homes For Sale Under $475k

Lincoln Park has long captured the hearts (and pocketbooks) of many Chicagoans. The area encompasses a swell of neighborhoods and communities that truly offer any Lincoln Park resident all that one could desire of cultivated inner-city living. In addition to the big box and branded shops peppered throughout, the likes of Apple, DePaul and it’s namesake park drive a lot of foot traffic and accessibility often unmatched.

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Where To Go Swimming In Chicago

With infection rates on the rise, the city of Chicago has had to make the unfortunate, unplanned pivot to scale back pool openings. While the number of pools is smaller than hoped for, there are still a few options available. Take a look at our compiled list to help you get through the Summer heat and navigate the new rules and expectations when cooling off. Note, swimming in Lake Michigan is a viable option under designated lakefront allowances.

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5 Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

When you’re in the middle of a cleaning frenzy and run out of a necessary solution, the last thing you want to do is step out to the store for that one item. Fearful, that the break may cause you to abandon your cleaning efforts. Luckily, you may not need to leave your house at all!  Many natural cleaning solution ingredients may be hiding in your home at this very moment. 

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What Is Property Management?

Our full-service Property Management team at Fulton Grace act on behalf of you (the owner) to preserve the value of the property while generating income.

If you have a single rental home or hundreds of investment properties, trust our team of Property Managers to manage your property for you.

An owner of a single-family home, condominium, or multi-family building may engage the services of a professional property management company.

The Property Management company will then advertise the rental property, handle tenant inquiries, screen applicants, select suitable candidates, draw up a lease agreement, conduct a move in inspection, move the tenant(s) into the property and collect rental income.

The Property Management Company will then coordinate any maintenance issues, supply the owner(s) with financial statements and any relevant information regarding the property, etc.

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Do You Need a Property Manager for Your Rental Property?

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a new investment or leasing your existing property, consider hiring a property management company.

From navigating tenant problems to ensuring timely repairs, managing property is a lot of work that requires a great deal of attention and experience.

Before beginning your hunt for a property management company, consider the property needs, key duties, and qualities necessary to recruit the ideal tenant for you, your budget, and your future tenants.

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How Much Does a Property Manager Cost in Chicago, Il?

Property Management Services: We charge a low monthly property management fee equal to the percentage of the monthly rental income. The exact percentage varies depending on the type of property that requires services.

Leasing Services: We charge a fee equal to one month’s rent to secure an approved tenant for a one year lease. 

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