10 Ways to Support Local During Winter

Gifting from Local Stores

Got a few gifts to send this winter and spring? Please don’t hit that ‘buy now’ button from Amazon, don’t they have enough of our money? Consider buying your 2021 gifts from a local store where every dollar received could be keeping the lights on. Some places for the vintage lover or a fan for one of a kind items: District Chicago, RR#1, and Art Effect

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Where You Can Volunteer in Chicago Today

The year 2020 has brought many of us face to face with the inequalities and injustices many American’s face. It has also increased awareness of the impact of a hyper-focused and hyper-local effort. It has also allowed many of us and our neighbors to identify the local outlets and organizations that need our resources. Regardless if it is your time, financial donations, blood, extra clothing, or food, the support is needed and the support can be applied today! We’ve compiled a list of a few local Chicago organizations that are looking for volunteers today.

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