Top BBQ Tools To-Go

You might have danced the night away during Pride Month, enjoyed your favorite cocktail at some of Chicago’s top bars, or even biked on some of Chicago’s many scenic trails but are you prepared for this summer’s BBQ season? Level-up your BBQ game with our ultimate list of BBQ Tools to-go to make your cookouts in the park and on the lakefront easier, more sophisticated, and stylish. 

The Basics 

First things first, you can’t forget the basics. To get the best results you need the right tools. Therefore, below is a list of all the must-have gadgets for barbecuing. 

Tongs and Spatulas – to move, rotate and serve your food with precision 

Chef’s knife – make sure you invest in a good quality knife. Trust us, the sharper it is, the safer it will be

Grater – for zesting and grating garlic or cheese 

Pepper grinder – fresh ground pepper will give that kick to your meat

Metal skewers – for evenly cooked meat 

Meat claws – for lifting heavy items on the grill, pulling meat, or to be used as a meat fork

Grill Baskets – for those smoky vegetables 

Heat resistant gloves – duh 

Apron – to hold all your tools! 

There are a ton of practical BBQ toolkits on the market. Have a look at these handy selections on Amazon for some inspiration. 


Weber’s Traveler Portable Gas BBQ 

Go off-grid with Weber’s traveler portable gas BBQ. It gets the job done all while being compact, sturdy and easy to transport.


The Cube by Heston Blumenthal

Transport this easy and stylish portable charcoal BBQ from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal to your next impromptu BBQ gathering at your local park. It’s compact yet holds everything you need: an integrated food-grade storage tray, a preparation bamboo board, a grill grate, and a heat protecting sheet so you can place your Cube on any surface without damaging it.  We’re sold!

BioLite’s Firepit+ 

This award-winning, portable hibachi-style grill has its own patented airflow technology, a built-in fan, an included grill grate, and burns both charcoal, and wood. As if that were not enough, you can also control the flame intensity and fan speed with the free Bluetooth app. It retails at $249.95 but saves $25 with the 4th of July sale!

Nomad’s Grill and Smoker 

Nomad’s charcoal barbecue grill & smoker is versatile, innovative, and durable. Here are some of its features: Advanced thermal architecture, cast, and cambered grates, MagVent air controls, an ergo-grip handle, an anodized finish, and an integrated Tel-Tru MFG’s bimetal thermometer. We guarantee this all-purpose performance BBQ will accompany you on all your future adventures, whether that be on a road trip across America or a spontaneous afternoon gathering at the park. 

HitchFire’s Forge 15 car-mounted grill

This summer 2021 BBQ gadget truly stands out. This grill fits onto the back of your truck making your weekend road trips or excursions at the park super easy. It is quicker and cleaner to use and saves trunk space so you can pack more of your favorite outdoor accessories.

Collapsible Charcoal Chimney Starter 

A great addition to any grill is a collapsible charcoal starter. This is the practical and valuable piece of equipment that will help you heat charcoal quickly and therefore feed your guests’ mouths quicker. 

Stōk’s Led Grill Light 

This versatile led grill light is exactly the gadget you need on those late-night cookouts at the park, on the lakefront, or in your backyard. The wide and magnetic base can easily be mounted to the side table or grill. Additionally, it has two different power sources. One being battery-powered and the other with a rechargeable battery. 


Smart thermometers for the ultimate high-tech cookout

Cooking your meat by instinct is a thing of the past. If you are looking to improve your outdoor grilling experience we highly recommend investing in a smart thermometer. Our top 3 picks include Weber’s Connect Smart Grilling Hub, Weber’s iGrill 3, and Flame Boss’ Wifi Thermometer. These app-connected thermometers are easy to use, keep you connected, and most importantly, will help you with the doneness of your meats. 


Spice Your Life Spices 

Spice Your Life gift sets are not only a great housewarming gift or host(ess) gift but essential for a tasty grilling experience. These high-quality spices are sourced from all around the world and are freshly ground and hand packaged. If you’re lacking some inspiration for your cookout menu, we recommend checking out their varied and delicious recipes



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