Simple Ways To Make Your Chicago Apartment Look Bigger

Well, guys, it’s been one year of working from home, taking out and dining in. And let’s be honest, most of it has been in the living room while watching Netflix, right? No matter how big your apartment is, the walls start to close in after a while, the space seems smaller, and suddenly you wonder how you can make your space bigger without making a move. Alas, the home experts are here to share some simple ways to make your Chicago apartment look bigger, regardless if it’s 600, 800, or 5,000 square feet!

Natural Light

Throw back the curtains and let the daylight in. The quickest way to size up your space is to let natural light flood your place with good vibes. Another plus: natural light allows you to spruce up your space with some greenery!

Open the windows on warmer days to let in the fresh air. Worried about mosquitoes? Place some lemon balm, basil, or other mosquito repelling plants on the windowsill. Plus, these plants are easy to care for, perk up your mood, and lower your stress hormone levels. If privacy is an issue, hang linen curtains that let the light filter through while protecting your privacy from prying eyes. 

Monochromatic Aesthetic 

Monochrome decor is trendy right now and it has the added bonus of making your apartment look bigger, especially if the colors you pick are light or bright. If you choose one color, or a small range of color, there is nothing that stops the eye which creates the illusion of more space. 

Tip: A dark monochromatic theme can make your apartment seem smaller, so stay away from navy blues, dark grays, or black.


This is probably the cheapest tip to making your home look bigger: Pick up your stuff. An uncluttered, organized apartment will always look bigger than one with stuff lying around. And don’t just jam your things into drawers and call it a day. You’re asking for the clutter to come back. Get organized in a thoughtful way, and you’ll not only make your apartment look bigger, you’ll save yourself some stress headaches, too. You’ll also have an easier time finding that elusive sweater and shoes. 

Keep a Low Profile

Oversize furniture will definitely make your home look smaller. Size your furniture to your space, and make sure your stuff has a low profile, and there will be little to stop your eyes as you gaze across the room. It’s a great way to trick your eyes into thinking your place is a palace. 


The one thing that can or should be oversized in your apartment is mirrors. Mirrors hung right can visually double your space and reflect the natural light. That can make your space seem bigger and airier — which is not just a plus on sunny days. It can also brighten things up on the gloomiest winter day of the year. 

Mirrors in the dining room are often considered to be good feng shui. Another great placement is above your sofa, where you can make your living room look bigger than it really is. 

If you’re like a lot of Chicagoans, you’ve maybe spent more time at home than you would like. But these simple tips can help you fend off cabin fever, and stay safe while you stay at home. 


Written by Linda Zhang

When Linda Zhang isn’t redoing one of the rooms in her own house, she’s writing about home decor and other real estate issues.


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