6 Tips for At-Home Organization

If this year has taught us anything it’s the importance of having a space that is comfortable and functional. Many have redecorated or renovated their homes in order to better utilize the space they have. Design is very important in making a home aesthetically pleasing to be in, but it won’t be an effective place of peace and relaxation if your home has a haphazard organization system in place. The following is a list of tips and tricks for keeping your home tidy and in order. 

Start in one place
When starting to undergo the process of organizing your home don’t take on your entire space at once. Start small and begin in one place of your home until that area is completed. This will help the task feel less overwhelming. Once you feel an area is finished, then you can move on to the next one.

Everything has a place
If you struggle to find items in your space, then you probably struggle with organization. When sorting out your things give everything a home. That way you’ll be able to easily find things when looking for them. Everything in its right place. 

While you’re putting away your things an important thing to remember is, “can you reach it?” You may have put together the most perfect organization system for your heavy sweaters but if you put them in a very tough to reach place then you’re adding an annoyance to your life. Ensure everything you’re putting away is easy to reach and in turn, making your life easier. 

Build it up
If your pantry is a mess, try a tiered shelf so you can see everything in your pantry and will know what you’re running low or have run out of. 

Store your shoes heel to toe
If you’ve already gone through your shoes, have shelves and a storage system in place and still seem to not enough room try a different approach. Place your shoes heel to toe to optimize your shoe storage space as much as possible. 

Ensure that the storage you use is either in a clear container or at the very least is labeled so you can see what you’ve put there. It may seem simple, but this will streamline your organization process. 

Organizing your home may seem overwhelming at first. Just remember to take things slow and try not to bite off more than you can chew at once. As soon as you’ve tackled a few areas you’ll feel like the process of sorting out your home isn’t as daunting as you once thought it to be.   


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