Chicago’s Tier 4 Summed Up

Tier 4 means that Chicagoans have graduated from Phase 3, the recovery stage onto Phase 4, the revitalization stage. All security benchmarks have been met; therefore, the State of Illinois is safely reopening its economy by adding five new industry categories to resume business. Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work. Wearing a mask works, social distancing works, sanitization works and clearly, everybody’s hard work is paying off. 

It’s hard to keep up with all the updates and new safety guidelines so we’ve decided to provide you with the ultimate cheat sheet. Here is an informative and concise list explaining everything you need to know about Tier 4 and how it affects your day-to-day life. 

The industries below are open for business and can move forward (under certain guidelines): 

  • Day Camps 
  • Film Production 
  • Health and Fitness Centers
  • Indoor and Outdoor Recreation 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Meetings and Social Events 
  • Museums
  • Offices 
  • Personal Care Services
  • Theaters and Performing Arts 
  • Restaurants and Bars (View our delicious blog on Chicago’s Hot New Restaurants To Try)
  • Retail 
  • Service Counters
  • Outdoor Seated Spectator Events 
  • Zoos

Common set of guidelines: 

  • Continue wearing a mask over your mouth and nose 
  • Maintain social distance (6 feet apart) 
  • Continue frequent hand washing 
  • Continue working from home if you can 
  • Stay home if sick or symptomatic 
  • Sanitize all equipment and/or objects used (keypads, dumbbells, arcade games etc)
  • Indoor recreation facilities (restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, gyms etc) should operate at less than 50 people or between 25% and 50% of full capacity
  • Outdoor recreation facilities should limit group sizes to 50 people (tour guides, film shootings etc) 
  • Restaurants have a 10-person party limit
  • Most indoor recreation facilities function on a reservation basis to reduce gatherings and lines. Make sure you check online availability prior to event or appointment
  • Take employee temperature screenings 
  • Fill out your industry specific checklist to protect both customers and employees
  • Download the industry specific and pre-made signage for posters and social media to reduce the spread of COVID-19 



  • Day camps may operate at maximum of 50% of facility capacity with group sizes of 15 participants or fewer (limited to 10 children in programs with changing participants week by week)
  • Indoor hands-on exhibits have been modified and rides have been closed
  • Outdoor spectator sport venues may operate at maximum of 20% of seating capacity

As a reward you can host small indoor gatherings (as long as you’re respecting the social distancing and capacity rules stated above) to show off your Marie Kondo-esk apartment skills you learnt during confinement! 

Stay safe, keep an eye out for the latest restrictions and progress. The State of Illinois and the IDPH have developed clear business toolkits with employee checklists, detailed guidelines for every industry and a vaccination plan. If you wish to review guidelines in more depth head over to DCEO’s restore plan. If you want to find out all there needs to know about the COVID-19 vaccine head over to IDPH’s Mass Vaccination Planning Guide.


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