Two Tech-Driven, Top Producing Teams Join Forces at Chicago-Based Fulton Grace

With new faces and goals, SEVENTY7 GROUP has arrived.

There are 77 areas in Chicago, and Nick Nastos and Ted Guarnero love helping clients in every one of them.

Nick Nastos got his start in real estate in 2009, when he formed Chicago’s Property Shop with his father. Since then, he joined forces with Fulton Grace, where his group continued to grow and change, becoming one of Chicago’s (and Fulton Grace’s) Top Producing Sales Team. Currently, Chicago’s Property Shop has nine dedicated real estate agents (and climbing).

Floros Nastos_Whos Who

Nick Nastos and one of his team members, John Floros, were featured in Chicago Agent Magazine’s July 2018 “Who’s Who” Issue.

Ted Guarnero has over 28 years of experience in Chicago real estate. Previously with Compass, Ted was originally a marketing and leasing manager who slowly got into loft conversions right when two of Chicago’s most popular areas, West Loop and South Loop, were just beginning to see residential growth. Ted firmly believes that having the right people around you makes all the difference.


Ted Guarnero and T.J. Rubin, Fulton Grace‘s Founder and President.

When Nick and Ted met, it was 2012, and they had an “Instant connection,” Ted jokes. Ted was a listing agent for a condo at 600 Lake Shore Drive (Nick even remembers the unit number), and Nick was the agent representing the buyer. As soon as the deal was closed, they discussed Ted’s influx of rental leads, and Ted asked Nick if he was interested in getting referrals. “People always say that, but Ted followed up with it,” Nick said with a smile. “He’s the Santa Claus of real estate!”

How did the idea of coming together happen? “I had this thought, it was more of a co-op… top agents pool their resources and leads to become a $100M team,” Ted shared. “We all met for lunch and discussed the idea of a super team.” That very team is SEVENTY7 GROUP, named for the famed 77 Communities in Chicago. 


Nick Nastos and Ted Guarnero at Recess at City Hall

“It was just an idea at first, and then we started discussing it more seriously, and it kept sounding better. It worked out really well for us both, in the end,” Nick said. 

These two leaders in Chicago real estate will be bringing a wealth of knowledge to their new team. But what makes them different, you ask? “You won’t get an agent who is going to give you anything outside of what you’re looking for,” Ted said with sincerity. “You’ll get an agent who knows and loves that neighborhood.”

Both Ted and Nick see the value in rentals AND sales, along with the importance of investing in technology. Ted introduced Nick to lead generation technology, and it completely transformed Nick’s business. When you visit both of their websites, you’re getting the most updated information possible, since the data is pulled every 15 minutes. “That’s everything,” Nick said, “Every piece of information you need is right there.”

It’s important to note the way Nick and Ted bounce ideas off each other, constantly feeding off one another’s statements and fueling the excitement. There are a lot of smiles and laughter had between sentences, and you can feel the positivity rolling off them both.

What made Ted want to work with Nick? “I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years. But I’ve known [Nick] for eight years… and he’s always been an outstanding guy. There’s a genuine trust here.” 

Nick credits Ted with plenty of his success. “I wouldn’t be here without Ted. When he came to me and showed me the abilities you can have with a solid website… Ted is the one who indirectly started the growth of my company. It comes full circle for us to join together in this way.”

The two plan to continue to innovate and evolve as much as possible. Their goal for 2020? “$50 million in sales volume,” Ted said with fervor.

SEVENTY7 GROUP is one to be watched. Keep an eye out for more news on how this group will continue to grow.

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