South Side Beaches to Check Out

Chicago’s off-peak summer month is looming and let’s face it, we all could use some extra rays of sunshine and days at the beach before the tough winter kicks in. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the most renowned south side beaches for you to check out in August and September. 

Margaret T Burroughs Beach 

The ideal beach to lay back, have a cookout with your friends, and enjoy the incomparable Chicago skyline. It’s the perfect city getaway thanks to its sandy and roomy beach. Grab your portable BBQ tools and you’ll be good to go!


57th Street Beach 

Situated in the Hyde Park neighborhood, 57th Street Beach is known to be calmer and thus, family-friendly. What makes 57th Street Beach extra special is that it is also located near many other attractions such as the museum of science and industry, Jackson Park, and Garden of the Phoenix. We recommend stopping by after a museum visit for a picnic and chill afternoon.

63rd Street Beach

Situated within Jackson Park, 63rd Street Beach is a socially active beach. You won’t be able to resist the authentic Jamaican cuisine at Belly Up, as well as the delicious snack food at Leave With a Smile. Additionally, the elegant and classical beach house is filled with architectural history that you will want to find out more about…

South Shore Beach 

The only beach in Chicago to have a dedicated Cultural Center as well as a nature sanctuary and wetland. South Shore Beach is like nothing else and believe us, once you’ve set foot in its 65-acre area and seen what it has to offer, we guarantee you’ll keep going back.

Arthur Ashe Beach Park 

Arthur Ashe Beach Park is known for its stunning views, its kid-friendly and calming atmosphere, and its sports amenities. This park and beach were named in honor of the late Arthur Ashe, the American tennis champion who won 3 grand slam titles and was captain of the Davis Cup US Team leading them to consecutive victories in 1981 and 82. We recommend going at sunrise and then going for a morning stroll on the running trail. You’ll never run out of fun outdoor activities to take part in as they have lots of amenities at the park opposite the beach.


Rainbow Beach 

Head over to these 142 acres worth of fun, stunning skyline views, sports fields, after-school programs, day-camps, and more. On top of this plethora of activities and sports facilities, they also organize special family events throughout the year! This park’s significance is embedded in Chicago’s history, as it was named after the US Army division that fought in WWI.



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