Skokie Spotlight

Thinking of investing in property just outside the city? Or up-sizing while staying close to the heart of the windy city? This week, we are taking you to Skokie, a neighborhood in Cook County just outside of Chicago. Known as the ‘urban-suburban” village, Skokie has a lot to offer. Its communal yet booming energy has something for everyone. 

Perfectly Positioned

Situated just outside of Chicago’s northern border and only 15 miles from the Loop, we bet you won’t find an easier or more comfortable commute. As a Skokie resident, you’ll have access to the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Yellow line, which many have nicknamed SWIFT. Additionally, Skokie residents have the PACE suburban bus lines at their disposal. 

Top Education

From kindergarten to higher education, Skokie offers a robust and enthralling education system. Whether it’s in the heart of the village or next door in Chicago, Skokie makes it easy to grow and cultivate one’s educational opportunities. Furthermore, in the last couple of years, the community has taken additional steps to invest in its economic development, partnerships, and job opportunities…and it shows! 

Skokie’s Park District is Ample

You’ll never get bored of the outdoor offerings in Skokie. Its park district manages 44 parks and runs programs and events free to its residents. You name it, they’ve got it: camps, swimming events, nature centers, golf, running and bike trails, and more. Green spaces have become a priority for homeowners, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, and Skokie definitely ticks that box. During the pandemic, the park district rebounded with numerous distanced events and active online offering. Check out their upcoming events here

Great Restaurants 

Skokie’s diverse and growing culinary scene is a magnet for millennials. From Russian to Mexican to American classics and farm-to-table offerings, there is something for any craving. And you can expect more to continue to be added! The steep inclination of new restaurants opening in Skokie is a bright spot among its residents and community outlets. For some inspiration, check out their ten top restaurants


Robust housing market 

Skokie is the new Evanston. It’s Chicago’s active, thriving, good-looking, and too good to be true neighbor. Northwestern University is close by and the real estate inventory is flush with multi-family and multi-use property investment opportunities as well as single-family homes. Besides, Skokie’s reputation as the “world’s largest village” has been the talk of the town and if we were you, we would jump on that ROI bandwagon ASAP. Start your exploration of the burgeoning little village by giving Fulton Grace’s latest modern development a preview. The BLVD Apartments is the cherry on top of Skokie – don’t miss your chance at the high life.


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