How To Expertly Prepare For a Move

Moving is undoubtedly an arduous task that many, many of us do poorly. Although it’s something we all have to do, at least a few times in our lifetimes. Yet, we’re no gatekeepers of good info. Below you’ll find a digestible way to approach your next move in a way that will help you move through the not-so-fun stuff in an organized way.

Downsize and declutter your current space.

This can look like removing the excess, ie any duplicate items you have, any storage that is no longer really used, or keepsakes that you don’t really need to keep. Then take an audit of what you might use currently but plan to replace or upgrade in your new home. Also, your new layout may not fit all the items in your current space (see below). Depending on this list, you might want to plan ahead if you’re going to be selling any big items like a course or chairs or bed frames and begin sending out feelers for pals who might want to taketh excess or cool items off your hands. In the end, you can just donate!


Plan your new layout!

Your new space may literally be a bigger or smaller space than your current living situation. Before you move in, it might be helpful to consider your needs first. Will you be working from home? Will you have a guest room? Do you have a dining space or a porch? Begin thinking about the pieces you want to purchase that will allow you to build from the bottom, add in decor as you decide it fits later but is helpful for you to live decently on your first week in. Pro-tip, if you didn’t do it will on your walk-through, or the info is not available online, reach out to the property manager or your agent for the measurement of spaces like your bedrooms and living room so when ordering online you can visualize the fit.


Timing! Plan your deliveries, drop-offs, and move in perfectly.

Take control of the move and your stress level by coordinating furniture, cleaning supplies, and dinner for your first days of arrival. Be sure to also book movers during low-traffic times. This also includes your home, for example, if you’re moving to an apartment building, before and after 9-5 schedules might be too chaotic for front door arrivals or elevator use.


Ask for help!

Your Fulton Grace agent is an expert at moving around the city, ask them for recommendations, tips, and ways to save.




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