Home Features That Millennial Homebuyers Love

A sellers’ market doesn’t guarantee millennial homebuyers will be sold on your house. People between the age of 22 and 40 make up 37% of the home buying market, so it’s crucial to market to millennials when selling your home. 

Chicago is a bustling mega center of industry, culture, and entertainment — it is the place where millennials want to be. Nearby parks, biking trails, restaurants, and shopping bring everything together for a perfect relaxed but on-the-go lifestyle. When selling to millennials, adding these current features to your home will help entice a bidding war. 


The Kitchen 

Today’s homebuyer wants space — and lots of it. A big, open kitchen for cooking, eating, and hanging out is a focal point for informal gatherings. It may not be possible to knock down a wall or two, but you can update the kitchen with energy-efficient appliances, fresh paint or wallpaper, new light fixtures, and new cabinetry. Formal dining rooms aren’t a draw for homebuyers these days, but a big bright kitchen and “community space” get the job done. 

Bed and Bath

Bedroom closets are at a premium; the more space, the better. Installing a closet organizing system is a plus. 

Bathrooms are one of the most used areas of the house — they are bound to need a makeover, especially in older homes. Replace outdated vinyl and linoleum with modern flooring available at home improvement stores. Rusty faucets, scummy shower doors, and chipped mirrors are ready for recycling. 


Bright light is a top feature for homebuyers. If the house doesn’t have many windows, energy-efficient lighting cuts down on electricity usage and utility bills. Circulating ceiling fans help reduce air conditioning costs during Chicago’s hot summers.

Office Space

Dedicated space for office work or home projects is an attractive feature for millennial buyers. If the house doesn’t have a den or basement (or you cannot turn a bedroom into an office), create space with a couple of room dividers in an area closest to a window. Set up a “chill and bill” location for reading, social media, emails, paying bills, and playing games. Include a table next to electrical outlets for charging mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

Houses must be wired for the internet, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Create a “smart” home for those who want to control the thermostat, lighting, locks, and appliances with a tap of their cell phone.


Curb appeal and a well-kept lawn is what bring potential buyers inside. Ragged, weedy, torn-up lawns tell would-be buyers about the work needed for revival. (Millennials want the big house projects done before they move in!) 

Yard Work

Yard Work is standard for any homeowner, but while the house is on the sales market, do these lawn and flower bed chores every week. 

  • Mow
  • Water as needed
  • Apply organic herbicides to weeds
  • Edge scraggly grass from sidewalks
  • Prune bushes away from windows
  • Spray cement cracks for sprouting vegetation
  • Weed flower beds. 

Millennials are busy. They want a low-maintenance yard that looks good without a lot of work. Plant some native shrubs, trees, and flowers like culver’s root, phlox, and elderberry bushes. Native greenery is easy to maintain as it attracts birds and butterflies

Fencing and Features

Good fences make good neighbors; they also make good pet owners. The majority of millennials have at least one cat or dog, so having a fenced-in backyard is a must. Check out the Chicago fencing codes before planning this upgrade. Have a fence already? Consider power washing it along with the driveway and front walk. 

Other backyard upgraded feature ideas? Try a xeriscape, outdoor kitchen, built-in barbecue, fire pit, hot tub, pergola, and privacy screens.

Today’s Housing Market

Homes and items that are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and environmentally conscious are what millennials want in today’s world. Open spaces and home automation are two big selling points. Making the home tech-savvy is a start to competing in the sales market. 

James Winston is a home stager and freelance writer. He enjoys upgrading homes with all the latest gadgets and improving landscapes. 

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