Grab Incredible Greek Food at Avli Taverna in Lincoln Park, Chicago

This recently opened spot is amazing.

Not only is Lincoln Park’s Avli Taverna one of the stops on the Chicago Restaurant Week “train”, but it is also a prime location for Greek food. We didn’t know we needed it until we had it, and now we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Avli is the second location of its kind to open in the Chicagoland area, as the first one holds the suburban fort down in popular Winnetka.

You’ll find plenty of unique and delicious options at Avli, such as Kalitsounia (cretan-style cheese puff in pastry dough), Pastourma Peinirli (pontian-style pizza boat with spicy cured beef and Greek cheeses), and so much more.

There’s also some delightful cocktails for you to sample with your meal. Try “Teach Me to Dance” or the “Spiked Frappe”.

Have you been to this increasingly popular restaurant yet? If not, make reservations for your next night out!


Talk about delicious. Credit: Avli Taverna on Facebook


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