Eating at Etta in Wicker Park is a Game Changer

You should probably wear stretchy pants.

Bucktown/Wicker Park needed Etta, a new American restaurant taking the city by storm.

One step in the door will have you feeling like you’re truly dining in Chicago, with the gorgeous interior decor and plenty of people happily eating their dishes, either at the cozy tables or the spacious bar.

Wood-fired pizza, healthy (but yummy) salads, and heartwarming pasta are all up for grabs here, along with “for the table” options to share with everyone in your party.

Terrific food and tasty drinks make for a lethal (and epic) combination when dining at Etta, as you’ll likely forget about all other Wicker Park restaurants and remember Etta each time you dine at them. If you don’t believe us, you should probably go there and see for yourself.


Credit: Etta on Facebook

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