Fancy Plants Cafe Brings New Vegan Deliciousness to Lake View

This new spot is a delight.

Tucked into Briar Street in Lake View is Fancy Plants, where you aren’t just going to be given another black bean burger. You will be served incredible vegan food that the most devoted of meat eaters can love.



Aligning well with the cafe setting, Fancy Plants has delectable pastries and breakfast items, which can be consumed with a yummy Dark Matter coffee of your choosing.


Fancy Plants staff on their opening day. Credit: Fancy Plants Facebook

Fancy Plants isn’t just cafe or breakfast food, though.

It’s also a space for chef/owner Kevin Schuder to express his cooking creativity. From an “Italian Beef-style sandwich” to an oyster-mushroom clam chowder, Kevin’s recipes will make those delicious recipes including meat (that you may no longer be able to have) into a vegan reality.


Italian Beef-style sandwich. Yum. Credit: Fancy Plants Facebook

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