Dashing Drinks and So Much More at Kumiko in West Loop

A formal bar, indeed.

Kumiko is an experience. It is intimate and cozy. It is somewhere you must try.

If you’re familiar with two Michelin-starred Oriole, the very same team created and cultivated this new West Loop bar. Kumiko brings together the true art of food and drinks and zeroes in on a Japanese influence.


Credit: @nycreba on Instagram

If you don’t enjoy spirited beverages, there are also sprit-free drinks just as delightful as the ones containing alcohol.

We must not forget to mention the dining options at Kumiko, as they are as unique as they are delicious.


Credit: @kristinexirene on Instagram

Whether you plan to drop by for just one drink or to dine, you will remember Kumiko.

Featured photo by @kailleyskitchen on Instagram.

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