An Agent’s Guide To Hosting a Virtual Open-House

Tips and trade secrets on how to best showcase your property for a virtual open-house or walk-through. 

In light of the recent updates to what Chicago Real Estate procedures constitute as essential, we at Fulton Grace thought it important to share helpful tips for Agents, Landlords, and Property Managers getting started with digital viewings. While tenant-occupied units are no longer viable for in-person viewings, an Agent, Landlord or PM can record a walk-through of the space beforehand and follow up with specific recording requests.

Additionally hosting a virtual open-house on a buyer-native platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Zoom instantly offers a source of trust, transparency, and accountability for both parties. However, you want to ensure that you have honed your skills before hosting a Live event for an interested party vested in making a home purchase

Below we have listed tips, tools, and insights on how to best optimize your digital assets while continuing to perform the best service for your clients expect!

Practice makes perfect! Don’t be shy when it comes to “practicing” the use of each essential element when recording or going live. You can ask a friend or family member to help you test out the steps (and make sure to do it a few times as repetition becomes familiar) you would use for, with, or in front of a client.

Hone your pitch. Just like an elevator pitch, but recorded, you can practice your introduction of the unit, the important details of the property, and allow yourself the space to analyze the flow when recorded. Remember, the interested party is not beside you during this open-house, so mumbling, speaking too quickly, or lack of essential information will leave the potential tenant or buyer wondering. Most importantly, triple check the video and/or it’s post breaks for continuity issues before posting.                                     

Announce the address of the property you are showing at the very start and again at the end of the recording!

Steady hands make for an easy and satisfying viewing. Being too shaky or unable to smoothly walk from room to room makes for a poor experience. This is also something you should practice before recording a final version or going Live with a client.  Not everyone is able to hold their phone steady while transitioning from room to room. If you notice you cannot, then do not. Simply record then stop or defer the camera to the floor in transition. 

Lighting! Showcasing the property during mid-day lighting is nearly paramount. We all know that lighting can sell a space, so showcasing the space when the lighting is “just right” allows the viewer to see more details and, of course, visualize themselves in the unit under the best light possible.

Details and angles. If you’re going Live, it’s ideal to run through the property several times beforehand to make a mental note for which features to highlight, where natural lighting may not be consistent or what angle best captures the curb appeal. 



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