Amazon Home Decor Hacks

If you’ve ever logged on to Amazon to buy home decor items, you know how tough it is to wade through the endless amount of products that are available on the site! Luckily, we’re here to help with some great home decor hacks and gems from the deep recesses of the Amazon product jungle. More on this in our article below.

The first hack isn’t even a specific item; it’s about secret areas of the site!

Sometimes the toughest part about home decor is finding and sticking to a theme. Did you know Amazon has ‘secret’ areas; home sections on their site with specific ideas and lists of products? We didn’t know until a friend showed us; just the existence of these areas on the site is a hack in itself. You probably know about the Shop By Style or the Design 101 sections…but here are a couple more secrets. The first big one is Home Trends: check out what styles are trending on the site and which ones fit you! Once you check out those three links, you’ll surely find a style that fits the vibe you like best.

Now onto specific picks!

Issue: You may want a new sofa. 

Hack: Try a new accent pillow or two!

These are cool, or maybe this one, or possibly this one? Before you replace an entire furniture piece, play with some accent ideas. Think about it; pillows are much easier to carry in and out of a home than a couch!

Issue: Your pet is great, but you spend a lot of time cleaning up or running after them.

Hack: Get your furry friend(s) a cozy bed! Dogs and cats are both territorial, and getting them a bed both enhances their comfort and gives them their own special place in your home. It also might keep pet fur off the couch, which is never a bad thing.

Issue: The winter blues are strong, and your place needs a lift.

Hack: Light it up! Don’t turn on overhead lights; you need some warm and inviting lamps. This one is also quite cool. Reading or working? Directional lamps are what you need. Especially in the colder months, having good lighting is key.

Issue: You need some more fun in your life. 

Hack: Listen to some good music! And what better way to do so than with a cheap-and-cheerful record player. Hint: audiophiles know belt-drive players like these sound great, and with Bluetooth capability, you can stream tunes off your phone. Use the built-in speakers, or really get into it by connecting some external boxes. You can even ‘rip’ records directly to USB sticks. A lot of value for $60.

If Bluetooth capability isn’t a big deal for you, and you want a record player that looks a little better and has a bit more build quality; go with this one instead. It’s called the Crosley Cruiser, and yes…the briefcase-style means it’s portable!

Issue: None, this coat rack is just extremely cool.

Hack: Usually design items like this are extremely expensive and hard to find. This thing is on Amazon at under $40. And it’s functional! The hooks flip down to hold purses, coats, whatever. 

Thanks for checking out our list, and hopefully even if some of these items don’t suit your style…hopefully, the guides listed at the beginning of the article can help you find more things you like!



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