8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

It happens every year; we make goals and resolutions we want to achieve in the next 365 days of life, do well for a month or two, but then fall back into our old ways as soon as things get busy or complicated.

One common mistake people make with their resolutions is overreaching for significant, drastic changes to be made quickly, then giving up when those results don’t become immediately apparent. While it is important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and to be patient with your goals, there are also some easily achievable resolutions that, once tackled, will have you feeling accomplished and ready to take on even bigger goals. Here are 8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping:5 Tips To Set Motivating New Year's Resolutions For Students

Drink More Water

It seems like a simple task, but nearly 80% of working Americans say they don’t drink enough water. Making a goal for your daily water intake can keep you hydrated and increase your overall health. If you need a little more help with remembering to drink your water, there are water bottle options that provide drinking schedules and intake amounts right on the bottle!

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Organize A Messy Space In Your Home

We all have that one drawer, closet, cabinet, or room that we seem to push off to be tidied up another time. Well, there is no better time than the new year to finally organize that space! Cut an hour or two out of your day to conquer it, and it will have you starting off the year feeling accomplished and inspired to tackle more items on your to-do list.

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Read More Books

While many people read simply for enjoyment, reading also has many physical and mental health benefits. Reduced stress, better sleep, increased empathy, and improved memory & communication skills are just a few benefits you can gain from reading just a few pages daily.

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Learn A New Skill

The best part about his goal is that it can be anything you want. Take that art class you’ve been getting ads for, go to lessons for that instrument you’ve wanted to learn your whole life, or take an online course for something you had never even considered learning before. The possibilities are endless with this goal, and they can be as long-term or short-term as you want them to be, making them easily achievable at your own pace.

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Go For More Walks

Many people make “exercising more” or “getting into shape” their main New Year resolution. While it is a good goal, achieving results takes commitment, patience, and consistency. Many people get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to go into reaching their fitness goals and give up on them when results don’t happen quickly enough. Going on more walks is a good, smaller goal to help you work toward your bigger fitness goal. Whether that be for a walk to your local coffee shop, taking your dog down the block, or parking in the last spot to make the walk into the store just a little bit further, walking a bit every day will improve your physical health and make your bigger fitness goals that much more achievable.

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Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

A great way to go into the new year feeling more inspired is to reimagine the space you spend time in every night – your bedroom. For most people, the bedroom is the hub of relaxation and inspiration, and a bedroom’s condition directly affects a person’s mood. Giving your bedroom a makeover, whether that be as small as getting a new comforter or as big as a complete gut job, the fresh updates to the space will correlate directly to a fresh mindset going into the new year.

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Make Your Bed

If you love your bedroom just the way it is and no makeover is necessary, another bedroom-related goal you can easily achieve is making your bed every day. Doing this starts your day off feeling like you’ve already accomplished something and sets the tone for how you will tackle the rest of your day. Plus, who doesn’t love coming home to a perfectly made bed after a long day?

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Declutter Your Inbox

We all do it, ignore the five spam emails we get but forget to delete them from our inboxes. The cycle continues until our inbox is at 432 unread messages going months back, leaving us stressed that we may have missed an important email. Take some time this new year to declutter that inbox and leave yourself feeling up-to-date on important work emails or your favorite store’s sales.

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