8 DIY Fall Decoration Ideas

Did you know that the first day of fall is September 22nd?! It’s nearly pumpkin season, which means the cool weather will be rolling in and the search for fall favorite activities begins. With this shift also comes a fresh approach to seasonal meals, drinks, scents, and sights. But, before you go full force PSL, it’s best to ease into the season with grace. After all, we don’t want your home to be THAT home that is just a teeny too excited, way too early, for Halloween. Below you will find a handful of DIY decor ideas to help begin ease in the fall season for you, your guest, and your neighbors. If you rent, no worries! We have ideas for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

1. Create a masterpiece at the center of your table. An easy and impressionable way to wow your guests and subtly bring in a new season is to decorate your table with seasonal pieces flowers, veggies, and more.


2. Frame Fall Leaves! Grab 3, 6, or 9 colorful leaves from the group and place every single leaf in a glass frame. Create a clean but colorful fall collage on your wall by hanging each of these.


3. Dried flowers. Need we say more? Something about fall and dried flowers, hanging or distilled in tiny glasses, helps mentally shift the mood of seasonality.


4. Grab a wreath (but make it seasonal) at your local flower shop! This is both classy and celebratory.


5. Introduce fall colors into your interior decor. Add colors like orange, brown, maroon, and yellow to your linens, kitchen cutlery, and bedding.


6. Candles! Lots of them, everywhere, and in fall scents.


7. Pick up a new or gently used plaid linen set or table cover, especially in black or orange, and place it out for decoration or useful purposes like your front porch swing!


8. Obviously, start placing the pumpkins and squash out! Before you go full Halloween, consider alternative colors to orange, like green, white, or blue.



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