7 Treats Worth Hunting This Holiday

Before carving turkeys, locating eight gifts for eight nights, or trimming any trees, enjoy a sugar sweep. Beat the bloat by following our list across Chicagoland. Don’t let anyone tell you that scavenging for goodies is counterproductive.

1. Old Halloween candy.
Source: Your House


Image credit: FreePhotos.cc

Just kidding…kind of. You never know what treasures remain. We’re talking about that King Size Hershey’s Bar you were saving for a “special occasion”. This is one gift that’s anxious to be opened early. Pop on a festive movie, and unwrap the goodness.

2. Pie.
Source: Spilt Milk Pastry


Image Credit: Spilt Milk Pastry

Double treat! This sweet shop is nestled just west of Chicago in the historic Oak Park neighborhood. Pumpkin pecan praline, chocolate hazelnut chess, and bourbon maple pecan with dark chocolate represent the seasonal flavors. Make them a centerpiece for upcoming festivities.

3. Doughnuts and hot chocolate. Or hotter chocolate.
Source: Bombo Bar

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.26.00 PM.png

Image Credit: Bombo Bar

Mix up the holidays by shelving the fruitcake, and choosing “bombolinis”, or Italian hole-less doughnuts and a cup of cheer instead. Stroll to Bar Siena’s walk-up window for the seductive pastries and S’mores or Funfetti cocoa. West Loop/Fulton Market.

4. Biscuits.
Source: Bang Bang Pie


Image credit: Ban Bang Pie

The Logan Square and Ravenswood bakery may be lauded for its pies, but let’s not forget the savory hallmarks. Scratch biscuits offer buttery, flaky blessings to us all. Order a batch online, or stop in for immediate satisfaction. Don’t forget their seasonal jam.

5. Sugar cookies.
Source: Vanille Patisseries


Image credit: Vanille Patisseries

Classic, decorative, and covered in just enough homemade Royal icing. Stay tuned for the French pastry shop’s holiday-inspired bakes. Locations include Lincoln Park, Chicago French Market, and Lakeview. Visit all three if you must.

6. Mille-feuille.
Source: Au Cheval


Image credit: Au Cheval

Just a minute east of Bombo Bar, and worth every quick step. This vanilla and custard slice of heaven is ideal for chasing one of Au Cheval’s signature burgers. Feeling merry yet? Talk to us after you’ve tasted.

7. Brownie Krinkles.
Source: Mindy’s HotChocolate Bakery

Mindy Segal, award-winning pastry chef and sweets connoisseur, invites us to share in one of her childhood favorites—these fudgy delights. Lightly powdered with sugar and lovingly preserved, they’re reminiscent of an innocent, fresh snow. Hold onto that feeling, Chicago, and pick up these cookies at Mindy’s Wicker Park restaurant, Revival Food Hall in the Loop, or online.

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