6 Festive Ways To Beat The Cold

No humbug here—just a slight aversion to freezing temperatures. We compiled a nice list of things to do at home or out that will keep you toasty and brimming with cheer.

1. See the city—from the great indoors.


Image credit: 360chicago

360 Chicago is decked out. Head to The John Hancock Building this season for surreal views, lots of lights, and zero frostbite exposure. Don’t forget to hashtag the experience (#360chicago) because Santa sees you when you’re Instagramming.

2. Befriend a used book.


Cashed out from holiday shopping? Ankle still swelled from last year’s triple axel attempt? Head to West Loop’s Open Books to carefully get your hands on a Christmas classic, discounted bestseller, or previously loved cookbook. Swap icy wipeouts and skating blisters for fireside reading.

3. Spruce up your home.


Image credit: Skona Hem

Year after year, you adopt a seasonal, green landmark. Usually, it’s shaking off needles (or painfully contorting) under the weight of bulbous ornaments. If you’re pining to downgrade without losing the spirit, try this “tree”.

To complete the look, fill jars, jugs, vases, or an eclectic mix of each with tree branches. Vary container size, shape, and count for effect. Post on your favorite windowsill or tabletop, and enjoy. That’ll show your minimal-loving friends. Thanks to Apartment Therapy and Skona Hem for inspiring.

4. Drink something.


Image credit: Lost Lake

Lost Lake is going bells out. The tiki hotspot invites you to a month-long holiday complete with Christmas decorations and tropical sips galore. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, get merry with a brand new cocktail lineup at Sippin’ Santa’s Surf Shack. On, Dasher.

5. Feel the rhythm, even if you don’t have any.


Image credit: Chicago Tap Theatre

Taps on taps on taps await you. A new yuletide tradition is coming at you with a lot of heel clicking. Get cozy at Tidings of Tap! which packages Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter, and an epic battle of holiday icons set to “Bohemian Tapsody”. Yes, they went there. Drag the kids, Grandma, your significant other, or your neighbors to Centre Theatre on December 10. You may just leave with a new hobby.

6. Make peppermint suds.


Image credit: Lush Cosmetics

No need to leave home for this. Fill the tub with warm water, and drop in one of Lush’s most jolly bath products. Our pick? Thundersnow, a tingly mint cocoa bomb. Best $6.95 you’ll ever spend. Not into soaks? Try a shower treat instead. We recommend the Salt and Peppermint Bark, also by Lush, or a more gender-neutral option—Peppermint Castile by Dr. Bronner’s. ‘Tis the season.




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