7 Emerging Home Color Trends

So far, in 2023, we have seen paint being used creatively throughout our living spaces to blend the beauty of nature with personal expression. The spring and summer months offer new bright, clean, and vibrant color palettes that can freshen up these spaces and make them more reflective of our environment outside, offering many biophilic benefits. Layering warm, soothing, and nourishing colors and textures around the home can help people feel calm, connected, and renewed within their space.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable and quickest ways to breathe this new life into your space instantly. It not only re-invigorates your senses and ensures your home feels up to date, but it covers up those inevitable blemishes and lends a crisp, refined finish. As you decide what color to dip that roller in for your home refresh, consider these 7 Emerging Home Color Trends:

Greige Bedroom | Behance


Greige – for when it’s not quite gray but also not quite beige. This paint color is the perfect transition from previously popular gray tones into the warmer tones recently rising in popularity. Greige can work well in any space and offers a comforting neutral tone. This color can also lean into its cooler or warmer undertones based on the decor and furniture you use to fill your space.


Steal This Look: A Terracotta Dining Room in East London - Remodelista


A fresh spin on warmer terracotta, an orange-pink paint color adds a punch of playfulness and depth to whichever space you add it to. It is a sophisticated alternative to brighter pinks which may come off as too youthful or child-like. Orange-pink also blends perfectly with 70’s design trends, which have recently increased in popularity, making it a perfect match for that funky, patterned wallpaper you’ve been eyeing!


Green Room Decorating Ideas - Green Decor Inspiration


A perfect way to mimic nature’s beauty inside your home is with a moss green paint color. Shades of green always prevail in bringing a natural feel to the house and provoking an organic and restorative feel. Moss green is neutral-toned and works well with warm and cool details, making it versatile and timeless.


8 Ways to Decorate With Black


You may be wondering how warm black reflects nature, and the reality is that it doesn’t; however, it offers a perfect backdrop to let those natural tones pop. This can be achieved with neutral drapery, furniture, or textiles in front of a warm black-painted wall. The key is to find a black with warmer undertones instead of deep, blue undertones, which can make the color harsh and intimidating. When done correctly, this paint color offers a pop of drama that can work well with other color trends on this list.


Muted blue walls in a cozy bedroom - COCO LAPINE DESIGNCOCO LAPINE DESIGN


Blue tones infuse a space with a sense of tranquility and balance; muted blue is a refined way to incorporate these tones while offering an alluring classic and contemporary look. This paint color will evoke the soothing beauty of nature and works well in bedrooms or spaces where you go to unwind.


Best Ideas for Decorating with Taupe Color


For many years, gray has been the default paint color, and while it’s still a popular choice, warm, taupe shades are rising in popularity due to their versatility. Similar to greige, this color works virtually anywhere in your home, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and it can work with elements from all design styles. Warm taupe is the perfect color for someone who wants to stay neutral and subtle while still giving their home a bit of an update.


The lovely tapware on this bath matches the dusty pink walls beautifully, punctuated by the bright light flooding … | Bathroom trends, Pink bathroom, Blush bathroom


Another pink alternative this season is dusty pink. Like the benefits of orange-pink, dusty pink can make a space feel cheerful without making it feel juvenile. Its muted and darker tones make it subtle and sophisticated. This paint color can work best in smaller spaces to give your home a fun splash of color without feeling like it’s overwhelming the entire house.



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