5 Single Family Homes for Sale in Chicagoland

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Trying to find your ideal single family home? Look no further! Fulton Grace is here to help you fall into the right space.

17843 66th Ave, Tinley Park
3 bed | 2 bath | $259,000
Conor Dragel

Tinley Park.jpeg

617 S Knight Ave, Park Ridge
3 bed | 2 bath | $439,000
Nick Nastos

Park Ridge.jpeg

6337 W Cuyler Ave, Chicago
4 bed | 3.5 bath | $567,500
Keisha Williams

Portage Park.jpeg

2923 N Fairfield Ave, Chicago
3 bed | 3 bath | $575,000
Leticia Andrade


3250 N Sacramento Ave, Chicago
2 bed | 2 bath | $600,000
James Loukota, Jr.


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