Why You Need to Dine at The Warbler in Lincoln Square, Chicago

Dinner plans? Look no further.

Ah, The Warbler. We’re sighing because the experience The Warbler offers diners is three things every person wants for their evening out: comfortable, unique, and delicious.

The service is fantastic.
The truth is, the servers at the The Warbler are honest and funny. They’ll tell you why their recommended cocktail is their favorite, and which dishes on the menu are better than others. This makes each moment at The Warbler more authentic and enjoyable.


Credit: The Warbler on Facebook

The cocktails are different and yummy.
The Robin features hints of jalapeño-cilantro, and the Bird’s Nest includes an egg white. Intrigued? You should be.


Credit: The Warbler on Facebook

The food is heartwarming and drool-worthy.
From crispy cauliflower that will make your mouth water to mac-n-cheese emitting the best aroma, you won’t be disappointed with any dish you choose. The portions are big, meaning even the leftovers are delectable.


Credit: The Warbler on Facebook

The decor is fabulous.
No kidding, here. Exposed brick, comfortable chairs, soft lighting, and a patio with a cozy fire to hang by in the mildly cold months.

48360611_1818654658243639_5618372622568914944_o (1).jpg

Credit: The Warbler on Facebook

If it sounds too good to be true, we promise it isn’t. Make those reservations. 

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