Why Marketing Your Home Matters

Unable to sell your home? Don’t blame the market. Don’t blame your mom. Read on to discover why marketing could mean the difference between Just Sold and Just Listed…again

85% of homebuyers are looking for their next place online which makes showcasing your home through a professional lens crucial. Because first impressions dominate the real estate world, that oblique angled bathroom shot your cell phone captured won’t cut it. Professional photography drives sales. Amateur photos deter potential buyers and suggest skeletons in the closet…or other spaces. Boost your home’s appeal, and sell faster with high-quality images.



For Sale Signs
Don’t underestimate the power of a good old “For Sale” sign. Staking your claim means free advertising for your property. Since buyers often peruse areas they’d like to live in, zero signage equals a missed opportunity. Put a sign on it.  

Brochure and Flyers
There’s something about a shiny takeaway full of crisp home photography and enviable features. Put that “something” in your buyers’ hands and minds with striking and informative materials.


Digital Marketing
Again, most home seekers are scoping out their future address on the internet. With an influx of properties for sale, you need to beat the noise and market smarter. Don’t stop at For Sale signs and open houses. Feature your listing on as many websites as possible (MLS, Zillow, Trulia, etc.). Social media likes to play too. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Why use a realtor?
You can go your own way, or you can use a real estate agent. Going the latter route is advised, especially if said agent knows how to market. Remember—not every brokerage is created equally, and not all agents are as equipped to successfully promote homes. The goal when marketing your home is simple: gain as much exposure as possible.

Need help? At Fulton Grace Realty, our brokers know a thing or two about generating hype. We offer in-house photography, wall-to-wall marketing, and major digital presence. Give us a call: 773.698.6648.

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Blog by: Amethyst Cannady
As Marketing Director at Fulton Grace Realty, Amethyst spearheads innovation, oversees department operations, and ignites company spirit. She can also be found tasting her way through Chicago or playing with her animals.

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