What Your Home Decor Says About You

Do you love your brightly colored or expressively patterned accent walls? Maybe you’re a sucker for throw pillows with 20 in your sitting room alone. Your home decor speaks volumes to visitors, and we’ll explain how.

A few chairs facing each other near a window or on a balcony say you like conversation. A reading nook in the corner? A love for relaxation and alone time. A gigantic sectional in the living room? An entertainer and maybe a movie/TV lover. Just a breakfast bar in the kitchen says you prefer a quieter, more low key dining time, but a big table with a bench on one side means you like meals to be more of an event.


Do you step into Home Goods and kind of just… lose it? Your cart is full of pillows within ten minutes, and you blacked out for a second there. That’s okay, because pillows give your home more of a welcoming feel. You don’t just want your guests to hang out for a bit, you want them to be comfortable and stay awhile.


From the bathrooms to the kitchen, how much you have on your counters shows personality. If you have zero decor and just necessary kitchen needs hanging out where you prepare your food, you can be perceived either as someone who definitely wants to keep your space as cleanly as possible, or someone with a bit of a cold personality. Find your balance between spotless (untouchable) counters and a few welcoming pieces, and you’ll give guests the right amount of warmth.


A creative soul tends to gravitate towards jewel tones. Those with relaxed or calm personalities often go for blues or greens. People who like warm, sunny colors such as orange and yellow are optimists with go-getter attitudes. Neutral palettes can allow for more adventurous furniture choices and use of accent colors, making decorating easy.


Figures and Accessories
Go eclectic. If you roll with the current trend, you’ll look more like a JcPenney catalog and less like those amazing homes you see on your Pinterest feed or in an Apartment Therapy article. Select pieces you know can coexist with one another, but aren’t exactly the same so people can see your style in your home.


Is your corner shelf filled with books or photos and mementos from years past? Maybe you have a shelf that completely wraps around your room. This can show your organizational skills, or showcase your love of literature, memories, or even music.


Do you have ferns in every space you can fit them? Perhaps you prefer succulents and cactuses instead. Live plants in a home say responsible, and fake ones say decorative (and maybe irresponsible, but we’re not here to judge)! Either way, plants add another layer of care, color, and personality to a space.


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