Uptown: Unofficial Coffee Row

Wilson Ave might as well be the unofficial cafe capital of Uptown, nay, Chicago. Greet 4 favorite coffee shops within a half mile of each other. Prepare to be buzzed.

Everybody’s Coffee—where the everyman can enjoy great coffee and more.
(A) 935 W Wilson Ave

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This gathering and grounds spot resembles a cafeteria that’s both polished and unassuming. Mingle. Conduct business. Discuss the wall art. Draft your next masterpiece, all while sipping on The Vader (Mexican Coca-Cola, Vanilla, and Quantum Espresso) and other crafty drinks. From quality coffee to allergen-friendly cookies (vegan chocolate chip and gluten free coconut macaroons), you can indulge 7 days a week. Everybody’s also defends sustainability, so only Fair and Direct Trade coffee is sold here.



One short day in the Emerald City.
(B) 1224 W Wilson Ave

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This caffeine destination replaced Magnolia Cafe last summer and proves worthy for traditionalists and thrill-seekers. Order a classic cortado (espresso and steamed milk), or try “something different”. The Simone makes room for espresso, hibiscus, orange peel, cream, and chocolate. Coffee-free options include apple “chaider” and housemade lemonade. Grab a quick bite to accompany your drink, or settle in for frequent gigs. Some end of March events include women’s story sharing—Loose Chicks, March 24 @ 8PM and a recurring variety show—Dope Meets Fresh, March 26 @ 7:30PM.



Baker and Nosh, also known as bread heaven.
(C) 1303 W Wilson Ave

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You won’t run into day old baguettes at this 2012-born bakery. After standing on both the student and teacher side of the counter, “The baker” dreamt up a dough house where locals could share quality food and coffee. The rest is history. A wide selection of breads, pastries, and flatbreads are made fresh Monday through Sunday. Stop by this 90-year-old hotel renewal for genuine goods, neighborly charm, and a palate stirring sandwich/soup combo (i.e. hot smoked salmon on potato dillturkey pastrami Reuben on rye, curry chicken salad on ciabatta, and revolving meat and veggie-based bowls).



Heritage Outpostyour source for cycling gear, coffee beans AND catering.
(D) 1325 W Wilson Ave

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.50.28 PM.png

Bike need a tweak? Soul need a shot? The Uptown Outpost can service both. Locally roasted and custom prepared coffee sits comfortably in the lobby of the ’20s British inspired Flats building. Get your drip coffee, cappuccino, chai, or americano while a Heritage expert steers you towards accessories for stubborn brakes. Affix yourself to a cozy couch for the afternoon or cycle through for a brewed awakening.


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