Rainy Day Blues: How to Beat Them

Forecast got you feeling gloomy? We’ve got you covered.

The season of unpredictability has arrived. Getting dressed now requires an assortment of galoshes, gloves and sunglasses (and an appreciation for Mother Nature’s sense of humor).

That’s not to say, however, that we should huddle back into our winter hibernation. Ditch the dormancy and brave those April showers with these storm-free solutions.

Be a Kid (with or without yours)

If ‘growing up is optional’ as the adage suggests, now’s the time to let your inner kid come out to shine. Skip the splash and jump on trampolines instead, at Sky High Sports. Grab a pal and a paddle and battle it out to see whose ping pong prowess prevails at SPiN. Head to an arcade for a nostalgic game of Pac-Man. Live your best 10-year-old self’s life. We double dog dare you.

ping pong

Image Credit: IMPACT365

Take a Mini ‘Getaway’

The urge to literally GET AWAY may be strong, but save yourself a buck. Chicago’s got a bit of exotic in her, too. At the first sign of bluster, escape to the Garfield Conservatory and cozy up next to a palm tree. Or leave the tropical heat and treat your taste buds to a tour of Eataly (Cheese and gelato can make any day a little sunnier). Mountaintop retreat more your style? Reach new heights on Grand Ave at First Ascent Climbing.


Image Credit: EATALY

Try Something New

Don’t let the drops get you down.  Choose that activity you’ve saved for a rainy day! Evade a zombie attack at Escape Artistry or create art over a cheeky afternoon vino at Sip and Paint.

Have loftier ambitions for your day sans rain? Satisfy the need for self-improvement and find yourself something new and brag-worthy to learn. Archery? Sure. Glass-blowing? Why not? Check out Dabble to get inspired!


Image Credit: UrbanMatter

Get Cultured

Always been curious about the grand exploits of Dillinger? The entwinement of the World’s Fair and the Devil in the White City? Why not take this precipitative opportunity for an Untouchables Tour and see the secret haunts of some of Chicago’s most notorious figures.

But gangsters and speakeasies aren’t for everyone. Perhaps the more reflective approach is for you.  Contemplate the great unknown at the Adler Planetarium or head to East Erie to explore Chicago’s “Marble Palace.” Yep, we have a palace, folks! (The Driehaus Museum).

Space Portal_AdlerPlanetarium_June2011

Image Credit: InPark

…And if these rainy day hacks sound to be ambitiously creeping in on your time for a new Netflix series on the couch, rest assured that we think catching up on some Z’s is a perfectly acceptable plan, too!

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