October Essentials at Foursided and More

October’s ripe with candy to hoard, films to half watch/half hide behind a pillow during, and costumes to fashion. Check out these local haunts when compiling the month’s “must” list.

Featured: Foursided Custom Framing Andersonville
5061 N Clark St

Whether you’re framing antique photos of antique people or need spooky cupcake toppers for your annual bake-a-thon, this is the place.

Foursided houses custom framing options, vintage, cards, and gifts with imaginative displays to boot. We visited the Andersonville location to glean what inspires this season. After picking our jaws up off the floor, we toured the store and managed to absorb the offerings.


Carefully curated clutter aptly describes the variety of goodies. Diverse products and haunted themes swell amidst the spectacle, but one can easily find what’s speaking to them…after the wave of dizziness passes. That might just be our favorite thing—there’s something for every level of infatuation with the holiday.

Maybe you have a Halloween tree that needs decorating. Snag a few ornamental “witch” skeletons, and call them the sugar plum fairies of fall. Perhaps you’re one of those manic pin collectors. Deck out your denim with horror icons.




Behind on eerie literature? Chicago’s beloved flagship has you covered. Don’t forget about Day of the Dead decorations, glassware, and pet figurines. Did we mention glitter snakes, tarot decks, and eclectic masks? Ok, the niche aside, Foursided still does basic but in the best way. Those simply wanting to send out greetings or light a couple “Simmered Cider” candles should absolutely enter. You may surprise yourself and head out with more tricks than treats!


Merz Apothecary
4716 N Lincoln Ave

Natural remedies, lotions, and potions sold here. No one’s averse to some enhanced self-care, especially this time of year. Before painting your face or imbibing at Halloween gatherings, scurry over to the Lincoln Square landmark. Established in 1875, the health and beauty destination has kept the magic alive and family-operated with a premier and global inventory. Spritz a unique scent, or stock up on pumpkin maple soap for your most festive wash yet.

Vintage Garage
5051 N Broadway

Your source for vinyl, vintage, and miscellany. Tune in October 15th only for tons of music, stereo equipment, and creepy things. Your “throwback to Halloweens past” party should start in Uptown. Plan the sights, sounds, and wears even your toughest critics will dig. Look up bloody punch or witch hat cookie recipes later. Time is of the essence.

L.A. Burdick
609 N State St

Get your fill of tricked out sweets from The New England based chocolatier. The chain’s first Chicago location (River North) opened its doors in mid-September, and we’re overjoyed. Who else would supply an assortment of decadent critters, coffins, and drinking chocolate? This year, you can bite into white chocolate ghosts filled with the exclusive pumpkin spice cider dark chocolate ganache. Wowza. This stuff is too gourmet to pass out, though, so save for yourself or ship to another worthy freak.

Logan Theatre
2646 N Milwaukee Ave

Don’t forget the plethora of scary cinema. Logan Square’s premier screening venue unleashes a compendium of horror classics and cult thrillers. Their annual Horror Movie Madness festival is back with Michael Keaton’s ghoul in stripes, Tippi Hedren’s flighty trauma, Jamie Curtis’ terrified babysitter routine, and of course, Jack Nicholson’s deranged writer act.

Chicago Costume
4727 W Montrose Ave

Having trouble getting into character? This megastore overflows with masks, costumes, makeup, accessories, wigs, and even facial hair. Browse methodically by theme, or cut to the chase. Rent and buy looks that will frighten fellow partygoers, delight pop culture gurus, and maybe even earn you a prize. Dress the whole family, or complete your “in the works” tribute to a favorite superhero (or villain).



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