Molly’s Proves Cupcakes Are Forever in Chicago

Cupcakes are NOT over.

We all remember those fateful few years when cupcakes were the biggest thing in Chicago. Then there were the years of the donut, and now it’s the year of the rolled ice cream and anything with glitter (and probably some other trendy foods). But we’re here to tell you: cupcakes are not over. Molly’s is doing WORK in the cupcake department, and probably always will.

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Credit: Molly’s on Instagram

From hilarious Instagram antics to their incredible cupcake flavors, Molly’s continues to innovate and create new and exciting things happening in the world of cupcakes. They’re now in three states: Illinois, Iowa, and New York. Pretty awesome for what we thought was just one of our favorite Lincoln Park cupcake spots.

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Credit: Molly’s on Instagram

Additionally, you can still find a good 20 people in line for cupcakes at 9PM on any weekend night… sometimes on weekdays, too.

Whether you’re more of a Ron Bennington type of person (chocolate peanut butter is the OG) or a Peach Cobbler lover (must be refrigerated, but better than the dessert it’s named after), you can always find a new flavor to love at Molly’s. So treat yo’self and head over there for a little bit of winter comfort.

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Credit: Molly’s on Instagram


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