How to Make Your Home Brighter During Chicago Winters

We have some ideas for beating those “dark by 4:30” winter blues.

Look, everyone wants as much natural light in their home as possible. Since we’re pretty limited on lighting during winter, though, you have to make your own sunshine!

Light up the hallway.
Pick up a few lanterns with LED candles inside, and place them in your dark hallway. It will bring your home a little extra brightness.

Add some twinkle.
LED string lights look great on a fireplace mantel, around a mirror, intertwined in fake plants, or strung across the ceiling. It will also feel like you’re living in a winter wonderland. (Not to worry, they aren’t a fire hazard!)


Keep as little on the windows as possible.
For one: make sure the windows are clean. Windows collect a lot of dust and dirt, affecting the lighting in each room without you even knowing it! Additionally, opening the blinds or curtains all the way

Open the blinds or curtains during the day.
Let all the light in! Additionally, it’ll give each room a lovely glow as the sun goes down each evening.

Warm up by the fireplace.
Prep your fireplace so you can light it each evening. The smell, the comforting glow, and the warmth will definitely dissipate the dark.

All the candles.
Whether you prefer LED candles or every candle in the aisles of HomeGoods, candles bring another level of cheer to your home. Another tip: take a bubble bath with candles around the edge!




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