How to Host the Best Friendsgiving

It’s not just about turkey.

More than anything, Friendsgiving is about friends who are like family. There’s a few ways you can make hosting Friendsgiving more festive and welcoming, and we know where to start.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish.
Since this holiday is about eating as much as humanly possible, save yourself a fair amount of money and ask your guests to bring their favorite dish. You can contribute a few of your own favorite dishes, but this way you can make everyone feel like they made the evening special and enjoy different flavors.

Check for diet restrictions.
Ensure everyone has something to eat, and double check with your guests for any diet restrictions. Need a vegetarian option? Check this out.

Make sure there’s pie.
Whether you’re more of an apple or pumpkin person, there’s nothing like enjoying the end of the evening with a piece (or two) of pie and a cup of coffee.

Light some fall scented candles.
We’re talking one of those insanely good smelling Bath & Body Works candles. You know the ones.

Bring warmth to your home.
A rich gold tablecloth, lighting your fireplace (or your TV with a digital fireplace), adding some twinkle lights, and adding plush blankets (for lounging after all the food) will make guests feel especially warm and fuzzy.


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