How to Build a Hanukkah Latke Bar

The potato latke is taking center stage. Pay attention.

Warm, delicious, and delightful. That’s right: we’re talking latkes. And it’s their time to shine.

If you’re feeling extra this year, you can “wow” your Hanukkah guests with a Latke bar. Impressive indeed.

First, start by bringing out your menorah. Add a deep blue tablecloth, some shiny wrapped gelt, and some equally shiny platters.

Then, you’ll need your condiments. Apple sauce and sour cream are clear staples, but there are plenty of varieties of latkes and toppings.

It’s latke time. We’ve gathered our faves below.

Looking to switch it up? We love this recipe for sweet potato latkes.

Maybe you want to keep it traditional. Sounds yummy to us.

Prefer root veggies to potatoes? No judgement. We’ve got you covered.

We can do latkes without gluten. Here’s how.


Latke Bar 4

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