Home Hunting in the Winter

You might want to start searching while snow is still on the ground.

Everyone knows summer and spring are prime real estate seasons, and for the most part, many homeowners put their houses up for sale during those times. But not all homes wait for the warm seasons, and you could be at quite the advantage if you begin your house hunting in the winter.

Prices are lower.
Fewer buyers mean lower prices to entice those looking. Good news for you. We can see the dollar signs in your eyes from here.

Less buyers means more for you!
People who work within the real estate business have more time on their hands in the winter, and even though this may not be the best news for them, it’s good news for you! Even though the listings are fewer, less people are looking. Perfection.

Less competition.
Inventory may be less, but the competition is less, too. If you find a perfect place, you’ll likely have less people competing for it! The fewer offers from others on your dream home, the better.

Motivated sellers are helpful.
Low winter traffic results in sellers being much more motivated. Agents/brokers know well how slow winter months make sellers more likely to negotiate on terms such as selling price, closing costs, and the closing date.

A hardworking agent.
As previously mentioned, winter is a slower time in real estate, meaning your agent¬†will be motivated to work harder on your behalf. You’ll be in better shape for getting those crucial needs and wants you’re looking for in your new home, and your agent will more have time to help you.

You know what to do.

Don your huge puffer coat, pom pom hat, and begin your home buying journey.

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