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The best part about the Holidays is that you get to choose what makes you feel at home.


My name is Nina, and I am a home and lifestyle Instagram influencer over at @Balkanina. I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite tips on decorating your living and entertainment space for the holidays. Decorating our home is one of my favorite parts of this season, next to spending time with my family and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa nightly. Designing a space that is not only going to be cozy for my family and I but a space that is going to be warm and welcoming to our loved ones is truly what inspires me to get creative.




I am sharing 3 easy steps on how you can achieve a winter wonderland in your home. Stay tuned as I anxiously invite you to see a piece of our own winter wonderland…

1. Get a Christmas Tree 


Nothing speaks Holiday like a big beautiful Christmas tree. Whether it is real or fake, you have all the power to add personality to the big beauty. This year we purchased our first fake tree, and I am extremely happy with it. He is a 7.5 foot King flocked tree from Our tree theme is ski lodge & plaid. You can find plaid ribbon, pine cones and even wooden skis in our tree. Ornaments are not your only option…GET CREATIVE!


Décor tip: Add ribbon, pine cones, faux branches & faux snow to fill your tree.


Décor tip: When adding lights to your tree, tuck the cord in the branches as far as possibly so it stays hidden.

2. Light Candles


This may be one of the simplest ways to make your home cozy. Scented or not, candles will add so much depth, texture & warmth to your home. Add candles throughout your home (but don’t forget to blow them out, we don’t want any fires!)




Décor tip: Line up different height candles to create a cheap and easy tablescape or vignette.

Décor tip: Use pine scented candles to bring the life of a real tree into a home with a faux tree.

3. Add Layers


Use colors that complement your home’s theme when decorating with pillows and throws. In my case, I generally keep a neutral theme in our home, but during Christmas, I add the classic red. Pillows & throws are a way of adding layers and textures without creating too much clutter. The best part is, they’re perfect for creating a cozy home.


Décor tip: When staging, line your pillows up on the couch, but don’t karate chop every single one of them…show the potential buyer that this is a home that is LIVED in.



Décor tip: Layer throws on top of one another on the end of the couch to add depth.

Décor tip: Place a throw & pillow in a basket and add them under your tree.

Happy Decorating!

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Benina Caviggiola
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  1. laylagunning says:

    Nina, your home is stunning and these tips are so helpful! I’m definitely going to stop karate chopping all of my pillows now! haha.

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