Fulton Grace Paints Chicago at 2017 Color Run

For a handful of Fulton Grace Realty’s most spirited and earliest rising, June 4th was a morning of city-wide dreaming, dashing through color zones, and community. 


Some of FGR’s Color Run squad

FGR brokers, Dan Dooley, recalled gathering at the Monroe Blue Line and recognizing other participants by the iconic Color Run t-shirt. He felt compelled to join his team in the 5k’s “wonderful benefit for local helpers of humanity.” The event gives back by partnering with outreach-focused charities. One of which helps the homeless secure housing. “How appropriate for a real estate company to assist the homeless [in finding] a place to live!”




A cloudy Sunday start couldn’t prevent The Happiest 5k on the Planet from decorating Chicago with healthiness, happiness, individuality, and the brightest hues. More than 6 million runners and over 35 countries worldwide have also celebrated this opportunity to collect memories and a chalky, neon coat. The thrill of spying giant unicorns, dyeing the Dream Wall, and rubbing elbows with colored foam fueled scores of runners and walkers. Eventually, the sun broke and white shirts blushed.



Adam Ballog, VP of Rentals, with wife

Other FGR team members also had enthusiastic words. Adam called the event a “great example of celebrating health and happiness.”


Leigh Ann Kenow, Office Administrator, and daughter

Leigh Ann, who attended with her daughter, proved that all ages could benefit from this unique dose of fun and activity. “My daughter and I had a blast, and we definitely want to do it again next year if possible! We had a color packet fight at the end of it. The city was beautiful; the colors were beautiful, and it was great to get out and participate!”





FGR Photographer, Liz Brinckerhoff, sister, and Amethyst Cannandy

Good moods were infectious. Liz, like many Color Run attendees, “wanted to go through the course again the second [they] finished. Being covered from head to toe like a work of art was 100% worth it!” Marketing Director, Amethyst, coordinated FGR’s presence in the event and added she was sad to wash [the powder] off! “Bonding with co-workers and Chicagoans in a more colorful setting rivaled her normal, lazy day activities.”

Thanks to everyone who represented Fulton Grace. Until next year’s palette party!

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  1. Nice branded tshirts! Imagine if you were to preserve those already colorful shirts with the powder from the event! Lots of people find that preserving their color run shirts are a memorable and enjoyable piece to hold onto!

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