All You Need to Know About Downtown Chicago’s Lincoln Yards

We’ve got the inside scoop.

$6 billion dollars. Or so we’ve heard.

The Lincoln Yards project proposal and Sterling Bay’s efforts towards their vision have been in the works for quite some time now (over two years), and there’s a variety of news regarding what this development will include.

The rework and redevelopment of 70 acres of Chicago is astonishing. Not only would this rebuild include the building of a new Metra station and an extension of The 606, but it would also make the Chicago River’s North Branch a staple in the city.

Offices, residences, and parks would all be included in the extensive property. A whopping 20.88 acres alone would be dedicated to public open space, a contrast to the multiple new skyscrapers added to the famed Chicago skyline, which would be up to 650 feet in height.

This plan is being pushed as much as possible, as Sterling Bay is hoping to get this construction under way as soon as they can.

As for now, the decision of Lincoln Yards is still unclear.

Lincoln Yards 2

Sterling Bay

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Sterling Bay

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