Broker Blog: Chicago Area Holiday Events

It’s crazy to think it’s officially the last month of 2021. With all of the holidays in December, you may be busy decorating, preparing meals, or buying gifts. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the holiday prep work that we forget to take some time to enjoy the fun events that only happen once a year! Here’s a list of some fantastic activities in the Chicago area you can partake in on your own or with a group of friends. Continue reading

A Brief History Behind Evanston, Chicago

Evanston is more than a neighborhood, it’s a university town. Situated as part of the North Shore of Chicago, it’s twelve miles north of downtown with the lake situated to the east and Skokie to the west. North of Evanston is the area of Wilmette, and south is downtown Chicago. Evanston is a very interesting place, as it is home to the world-famous Northwestern University. As a classic ‘college town’ that’s part of one of America’s best cities, Evanston is a diverse and scenic area with many restaurants, beaches, and attractions. We’ll get into the history behind Evanston and Northwestern and how it all fits into Chicago here in the article below.

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Sales Round Up: 3 Wicker Park Homes Under $300k

If you ask Chicago residents what’s the ‘hippest neighborhood in the city,’ there’s a good chance that Wicker Park would be high up on the list. Full of both famous-designer boutiques and local mom-and-pop shops, Wicker Park attracts a diverse crowd of foodies, creatives, and families.

Contemporary homes for sale can be hard to find as they tend to go fast if on the market. However, there’s a diverse selection of homes in this neighborhood entering the market on what seems like a continual basis. Restored classics abound here, of all shapes and sizes! If you’re interested in a Wicker Park home, check out our list below and feel free to contact a Fulton Grace agent anytime.

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Broker Blog: Spread Good Fortune This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food, and expressing gratitude for what you have. The holiday season is a great opportunity to experiment with new pie recipes while you reflect on all of the positive things that have happened this past year, such as the return of the Olympic Games, Broadway, and concerts. It’s also important to recognize there are people in need–many of them here in Chicago. Fortunately, there are plenty of local groups that have organized ways we can do our part to spread some good fortune this Thanksgiving.

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5 Exhibits To Visit In Chicago Right Now

This year, it seems winter is closer than ever and the “fall” temperature has been steady around 40 degrees. Although it’s getting colder outside, Chicago has plenty of in-door activities (other than eating and drinking) to engage in. Getting your daily dose of culture, arts, and the humanities is easier than ever with Chicago’s wide array of museums. Many of the city’s museums are now hosting exhibits you can’t miss…below are a handful to check out this fall.

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4 Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing to Rent Over Owning

Although Millennials make up nearly 40% of the workforce, their homeownership rates are at least 8% lower than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. While some economists falsely believe that homeownership just isn’t the goal of aging Millennials, that’s often far from the truth. The main reasons why Millennials hold off on buying a home largely amounts to a lower cash flow.

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A Brief History of Chicago’s Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood and community on the South Side of Chicago, 7 miles south of the Loop. It sits directly on the shore of Lake Michigan. The story of Hyde Park begins with Paul Cornell, a lawyer and real estate investor who bought most of the land in 1853. Mr. Cornell didn’t start out with much luck coming to Chicago from New York; his entire savings was stolen from him on his first night in town. However, he was a lawyer and a well-connected man. 

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