5 Benefits of Investing In a Multi-Family Property

Investing in a multi-family property is a great idea for many different reasons. If you choose the area carefully and think of your target audience/tenants while looking at what is available on the market you’ll be ahead of the game. For example, if you wish to rent out your multi-family property to young professionals in Chicago, make sure you are investing in the heart of the city where all the action happens. 

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Broker Blog: Signs That You Are Ready to Buy a Home

It is no secret that buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your life. While there is nothing wrong with renting, there comes a time in one’s life where they feel they are ready to take the plunge and invest in property. There are many factors that can determine your level of readiness when deciding to purchase a home, and no two people are alike. Some may settle down and buy their first home at 21, others may not feel the need to buy until they are well established in their careers. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances may be, there are a few boxes you can check to indicate whether you are ready to ditch the rent and invest in a home.

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How To Celebrate St Paddy’s At-Home

Every March 17, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades, block parties, Irish dancing, and most importantly, a whole lotta green. By turning their river emerald green every year, Chicagoans are known for some of the most extravagant St Paddy’s traditions. These celebrations are notoriously big crowd drawers which is why we want to inspire you to stay at home with these suggested fun activities.   Continue reading

What’s Happening in Chicago This March

With Chicago’s reopening of the sports and creative industries, normal life doesn’t seem so far away anymore. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to put together a diverse list of events and activities for you to pick and choose from next month. This list isn’t exhaustive but gives you a great overview of how hard people have been hustling backstage to provide innovative choices. There is a general awareness and empathy among everybody regarding how each and every one of us experienced COVID-19 and 2020 in general.

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2021 Design Trends

The aftermath of the pandemic has challenged us to push the envelope and become more creative in the ways we think, entertain, work, and live. Trends are a reflection of past experiences and their effects on consumer behavior and taste. Therefore, you’ll find this list of 2021’s most popular design trends refreshingly handy in helping you stage your home to sell, rent or simply relax into.  

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How to Add a Luxurious Ambiance to Your Rental

Now that our homes have become both our living and work spaces, it’s important to create an inspirational home environment that you’re proud of. Making your home fancier is like accessorizing a plain outfit. If you pick and wear the right accessories, you’ve got a “look”. We get it – you’re renting so you are not in a position to add molding to your ceiling or drill a customized bookshelf but trust us, there are numerous and simple solutions to add a luxurious ambiance to your apartment. 

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5 Tips for New Flippers

It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of a first-time home-flip. There are so many opportunities to buy new real estate and even more ideas on Pinterest on how to remodel spaces that will make you overly confident enough to blindly rush into a remodel. It can often feel like the world is your oyster and all you have to do is make a few little tweaks and your Pin board will come to life. Before you know it, you’re knee deep in renovations and possibly a surmounting debt for costs your Pin board forgot to mention. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you let yourself get caught up in the flippin’ excitement. 

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Chicago’s Tier 4 Summed Up

Tier 4 means that Chicagoans have graduated from Phase 3, the recovery stage onto Phase 4, the revitalization stage. All security benchmarks have been met; therefore, the State of Illinois is safely reopening its economy by adding five new industry categories to resume business. Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work. Wearing a mask works, social distancing works, sanitization works and clearly, everybody’s hard work is paying off. 

It’s hard to keep up with all the updates and new safety guidelines so we’ve decided to provide you with the ultimate cheat sheet. Here is an informative and concise list explaining everything you need to know about Tier 4 and how it affects your day-to-day life. 

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Chicago Restaurants with Valentine’s Day Specials

This year’s Valentine’s Day may not be as bad as you had initially thought. With Tier 4 reopening restaurants and bars, we’re spoiling you with a tour of Chicago’s best neighborhoods and the culinary experiences they offer. Whether you’re planning a romantic date with your significant other, a galantines night or a double date, this list offers a little something for everybody and an array of choices. 

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Simple Ways To Make Your Chicago Apartment Look Bigger

Well, guys, it’s been one year of working from home, taking out and dining in. And let’s be honest, most of it has been in the living room while watching Netflix, right? No matter how big your apartment is, the walls start to close in after a while, the space seems smaller, and suddenly you wonder how you can make your space bigger without making a move. Alas, the home experts are here to share some simple ways to make your Chicago apartment look bigger, regardless if it’s 600, 800, or 5,000 square feet!

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