5 Ways You Can Support Your Local Community During Covid-19

As we spend more and more time at home this month there is an inevitable reality we all must face: a myriad of businesses are unable to generate income, sustain their employee base, or even keep their doors open. Chicago is home to a plethora of unique shops, world-renowned restaurants, and local favorites that make the Windy City the icon that it is. Chicago also has over 70 neighborhoods, distinguishable by the communities that occupy them. Sadly, there are a large number of families and Chicago residents that have been laid off or lost their main source of income due to the quarantine. Ensuring our neighbors have food to eat and a safe place to rest each day is paramount. 

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Experience the Best of Chicago from Home

Visit Top Chicago Cultural Attractions From Your Couch

Stuck Inside? Us, too. It’s inevitable to accept: bars and restaurants are temporarily closed, gyms and movie releases put on pause, summits and festivals postponed. It’s easy to feel like our social life is also on hold. While the arrival of Spring in Chicago may look a little different this year, it will not last forever, and it will not break Chicago’s drive to enjoy what our city has to offer. We never let the weather stop us from having a good time, why should we let the Shelter-in-Place?

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Four Chicago Based Women-Owned Businesses to Shop in Honor of International Women’s Day


Let’s hear it for the girls! Women all over the country are leading the Nation in small business growth and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Between fierce support systems, a fearless approach in presenting their ideas and creative geniuses, women business owners know how to get it done. 

It’s probable that you’ve supported various women-owned businesses in the past, but in honor of International Women’s Day, we are here to help you shop with intention. Help keep the celebration going and consider stopping in and showing your support to one of the many women-owned businesses in your community. Whether it’s a simple mid-day treat or a unique gift for an irreplaceable woman in your life, here are four Chicago-based businesses led by strong, dedicated women. 

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Spring Cleaning For A Reason: Local Organizations Accepting Donations

The snow has melted, the sun is shining and warm air and open windows are on the near horizon. With the arrival of Spring comes the annual cleaning buzz! Turn the dreaded chore into a celebration and allow the collective decluttering energy to clear out winter’s dust bunnies and unwanted holiday gifts still taking up space. 

This year, why not also open up your pantry, closets and drawers– and donate. 

From disposing of furniture, toys, books or clothing, here is a list of local non-profit organizations that will gladly take your unwanted items.

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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide – Chicago Style

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you are in a committed relationship or simply just committed to having a great time, we can agree that we all deserve some love this year. Between selecting the perfect dinner spot or the ideal gift for your partner, the bar has been set quite high. Fortunately, Chicago has your back, providing infinite options to spread the love this Valentine’s Day. As Cupid prepares to make his rounds again, we’ve put together a list- from dinner, games, ice skating, dancing and more, we can ensure that you enjoy your day whether or not you are coupled up.

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