Fulton Grace Realty’s mission is to be Chicago’s leading provider of residential real estate management and brokerage services. In order to further our mission, we constantly strive to:

  • Minimize landlords’ vacancies by utilizing our expertise on the local real estate rental market and proven ability to swiftly locate qualified tenants.
  • Help renters quickly find their perfect home by understanding their desired living criteria and showing them relevant apartments.
  • Simplify investment property ownership by effectively managing our clients’ properties, as well as every aspect of their respective landlord and tenant relationships.
  • Guide our clients through the process of buying and selling real estate by serving as professional, educated and responsive real estate advisors.
  • Expand the Fulton Grace team by diligently recruiting, training and retaining a diverse and motivated team of professional, educated and responsive real estate advisors.


Email us: info@fultongrace.com

Call us:  (773) 698-6648

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