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6 Ways to Customize Your Balcony 

The sunshine and warming temperatures have an irresistible pull this time of year. All of a sudden, everything can be done outside. Remote work. Reading a book. Eating breakfast. It’s all better in the fresh air.  Since you’re about to be spending a great deal of time on your balcony, take a few steps to make it a space you truly enjoy being in. The goal is to make it feel like you.

Start at the Bottom

A new outdoor rug offers the perfect starting point for all of your outdoor decor. Once you choose a rug, you’ve got a color scheme and theme as you create a completely cohesive space. Don’t skimp on the size; instead, select a rug that fills the majority of the floor. 

Prioritize Seating

Comfortable seating helps you make the most of your balcony. There are plenty of splurge-worthy options, but a simple bistro set or chat set is probably all you need (and have room for).

Add Greenery

You can find endless inspiration for greenery. Succulents are perfect for a sunny spot while flowers add a more feminine touch to the space. Pack your balcony with lush plants and just imagine you’re lounging in your personal garden. Want to make the very most of your outdoor space? Start a small herb garden- you can even find pre-made kits already made for you!

Change up Your Lighting

Add a variety of lighting options for a more intimate feel when you’re outside at night and avoid attracting moths and other night critters. String white lights along the edges of your balcony and consider putting them on a timer so they automatically turn on and off. A few citronella candles add ambiance and repel pesky mosquitoes. 

Pick Pieces that Pull Double Duty

Since your balcony may be a little low on space, try to pick at least one piece of furniture that doubles as storage. This allows you to keep all the little extras on hand but out of sight.


Make it a Space For All

At the end of the day, your balcony should be a relaxing space for everyone you live with. Pick up an extra dog bed so your furry friend has somewhere to lay in the sun. Find some outdoor toys that are ideal for small spaces- like a water table- so your little ones can enjoy the outdoors without heading to the park. The best balcony is one that’s perfectly suited for your current needs. Enjoy!



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