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4 Ways To Insulate Your Rental For Winter

As the Chicago autumn turns to winter, lots of us start thinking about how to keep our warm air inside and the Windy City cold out. This is even more of a challenge for those of us that don’t own our homes or apartments because it doesn’t really make sense to make permanent changes like adding new windows or doors.

But this doesn’t mean you have to suffer thru a chilly winter! Here in this article, we’ll go through 4 ways to keep your place cozy and warm during a Lake Michigan-level cold snap.

  1. Watch Your Windows

As you might imagine, a lot of heat and cold can transfer through windowpanes. Firstly, there’s a reason why drapes and curtains exist! If you don’t have any, think about getting some. You should open curtains and drapes when it’s sunny outside; let nature’s heater do its thing! Then after the sun subsides, close everything up so that you’ve got a thick fabric wall blocking warm air from sneaking out thru the cracks.

Besides curtains, you can buy temporary window insulation kits at home improvement shops that do a lot. These are clear peel-and-stick plastic layers that really seal up even the oldest of panes. 

  1. Use What You Have

It sounds a bit silly, but most people haven’t really optimized their homes to fight cold! Make sure your heat vents and/or radiators aren’t blocked. Keep the doors you have closed, especially interior doors in little-used rooms and closets. 

Does your place have a ceiling fan or two installed? If so, you can usually run the fans backward. Running them backward at a slow speed pushes warm air back down, and increases air circulation in a house that might otherwise be a bit stuffy. Both of those are good things.

  1. Seal It Up!

Door cracks create areas for air to escape! You can stop this and stay warmer by adding some sealing flaps at the bottoms of your doors, especially the front door. If you get the okay from your landlord, a few tubes of floor sealant can go a long way. Old wooden floors can be drafty, but these days you can purchase wood sealant that looks white at first, but dries clear. 

If you’re okay with a little more DIY, you can simply purchase a few tubes of standard caulk and seal up cracks all over your place. It can make a big difference, especially near windows. (Though again, maybe speak with your landlord before doing this one, as it’s not so removable.)

  1. Insulate Insulate Insulate 

Here again, you might want to involve your landlord, but insulation makes a big difference in how warm your place can get. A few extra rolls in the attic or a bit underneath the floorboards can really turn your place from somewhere chilly into somewhere toasty. Even if your landlord isn’t into beefing up the insulation, you can buy rugs! It sounds silly, but rugs not only increase coziness and sound dampening; they also insulate.

Heat it up with a new boiler or a programmable thermostat. Again, this may require cooperation with the owner of your property, but it’s a good investment either way. If you’re staying out of unused rooms, seal everything up good, and insulate your place… hopefully, you can stay warm and cozy this winter!



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