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2021 Design Trends

The aftermath of the pandemic has challenged us to push the envelope and become more creative in the ways we think, entertain, work, and live. Trends are a reflection of past experiences and their effects on consumer behavior and taste. Therefore, you’ll find this list of 2021’s most popular design trends refreshingly handy in helping you stage your home to sell, rent or simply relax into.  

1. Bringing the Outdoors Inside 

This trend is about transcending the popular green walls or plants and incorporating nature within the foundations of your home. Chicagoans and city dwellers are craving fresh air, safe and calming environments, so, integrating natural elements into your home’s design seems like the next best thing, right? 

If you’re buying, maximize that investment by going all out: a statement stone on your kitchen island, wooden paneling, or highlighting a brick wall. Furthermore, incorporating earthy colors and natural materials such as leather, clay or wood are easy and budget-friendly solutions. Woven baskets, clay vases, and leather armchairs go a long way. Lastly, it’s good news that sustainable design is here to stay. Wouldn’t you rather have pretty dish towels instead of single-use paper towels? Or reusable beeswax food wraps instead of plastic-made cellophane?

2. Mixing Bright and Monochrome Colors 

Despite the popularity of using of greens, blues, and beiges, the experts have spoken and 2021’s official colors of the year are ultimate grey and illuminating yellow. It may seem contradictory but in truth, it makes perfect sense. You equally want to feel calm but energized at home. The deeper and strong grey paired with a bright yellow represents the world’s uncertain yet hopeful state of mind. 

Once again, this proves that mixing independent styles and patterns can result in creating something both beautiful and unique. Read our top tips on how to best choose and integrate paint colors into your home.

3. Cozy and Minimalist Style

Less is more. Scandinavian style has come forth in recent years thanks to its simplistic yet luxurious design. This style goes hand in hand with the very popular de-cluttering trend and we are here for it! Open shelving not only makes a space feel bigger but it gives you the opportunity to showcase your favorite pieces. Additionally, art deco’s clean lines yet rounded forms add a sense of purity and comfort to any space. You know what they say… ‘a clean space is a clean mind’, especially during a pandemic.

4. Create Capsule Environments

Open concept living is great but not when every family member is working from home. The pandemic is temporary but remote working is here to stay and therefore, reconfiguring spaces to create multi-functional “capsules” is a long-term solution for many. Your home wears many hats and what used to be your master bedroom, now also serves as an office. Installing sliding doors or folding screens are good options to close off a space without compromising both light and the original open floor plan. If you’re thinking of moving to upsize or downsize, make sure you have taken the time to prioritize your personal needs in order to find what suits you and your family best.

5. Theme-Inspired Bedrooms 

With the pandemic banning worldwide travel, many of us want to be reminded of happier times and “spiritually” travel somewhere when finishing a day’s work. Whether you’re searching for a traditional English cottage feel or a west-coast bungalow, the secret to nailing a theme-inspired room is to not take the theme too literally. Know your limits and focus your attention on recreating an atmosphere and feeling rather than wanting to win a costume contest. Playing with tones, textures, and fabrics will give you an elegant finish. 


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