The many working parts of Chicago are all happening in the Loop. Commuters, tourists, and residents all come together in this central hub of Chicago. You'll frequently find movies and TV shows being filmed in various iconic areas of this neighborhood, along with visitors stopping on each corner to snap photos of the stunning skyscrapers.


The fun never ends in the Loop, from concerts at the Chicago Theatre to the House of Blues, or the outdoor movie nights and shows at the Petrillo Band Shell in Grant Park. Your cultural palette will always be satisfied by a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago or the Museum of Contemporary Art, where artwork that predates the city and intruiging photography stand for millions to see. Wander down Michigan Avenue and State Street year-round for excellent shopping options, or during the holiday season to find the perfect gifts and heartwarming Chicago experience. A cup of coffee at Goddess and the Baker (glittery or not) accompanied by a slice of rainbow cake will always be an amazing start to your weekend, followed by brunch at The Dearborn, or dinner at ritzy Cherry Circle Room later. 



Picture every single category of real estate, and now imagine it in Chicago's Loop. That's the reality of the market here: you likely won't see the lakefront from your Loop condo, but you will see an epic view of the city, no matter where you are. Though the chances of finding a single family home without a multi-million dollar price tag are quite slim, the amount of condo and apartment buildings with fantastic amenities are many. Looking for a loft? From concrete, to brick and timber, to modern and newly constructed, there's quite a few of those, too. 

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