Lincoln Park, Chicago has many things Chicagoans crave: delightful restaurants, endless entertainment, and shopping galore.


The Chicago motto "urbs in horto"— which translates as City in a Garden— that the city adoped back in 1837, completely describes this neighborhood, as it has abundant green space. 


From the endless green spaces and waterfront areas in many parts of this neighborhood, to the gorgeous homes and vibrant history, the urban explorer will never run out of things to marvel at in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

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Lincoln Park's REAL ESTATE

There is quite the selection of real estate in Lincoln Park. Endless apartment buildings, many of which were built in the 1930's and 40's, house classic Chicago apartments, some of which are rehabbed.


Lincoln Park also includes DePaul University, where students flock to larger apartments, rare for the city, but not for the neighborhood.


A walk down the streets will have you also spotting single family homes, some of which have a modern feel. Keep an eye out for the occassional sprawling mansion, too!

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