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The Most Interesting Cocktails Ever at The Aviary in West Loop

Experiments or cocktails? You be the judge.

The Aviary provides guests with an experience unlike any other Chicago cocktail bar. If you’re familiar with Alinea (if not, you should be), you might have heard of The Aviary, because the two both rely so much on experience. And experience is the best part.

Credit: The Aviary on Facebook

These cocktails aren’t your usual “rocks glass and liquid.” They are much more. They are placed into a bird shaped from glass or a steaming decanter, and they are full of ingredients you likely can’t imagine to be in your cocktail. We say all this in the best way possible, as these cocktails are jaw-droppingly delicious. You’ll probably order more than one, and we don’t blame you.

Credit: The Aviary (cocktail offered at The Office) on Facebook

Additionally, The Aviary has a second spot to enjoy their fabulous beverages, called The Office. The Office is modeled after a speakeasy setting, with intimate, classic decor and vintage offerings.

Credit: The Aviary on Facebook

See you there.

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