Prep Your Rental For Winter

To know Chicago is to love Chicago. Something much easier said in the summer. Winters in the Windy City are, dare we say it, unbearable. Or at least that is what the visitors claim. No doubt, Chicago is among the coldest cities in the world and winters often see drops at the same rate as those in the artic. We also see snow., sleet, ice, and storms that have made history…literally. Although Chicagoans have grown acclimated to nearly 6 months of weather under 40 degrees, homes have a little tougher time adjusting to the prolonged cold and enduring winter weather. Plan accordingly and make your place as structurally sound as possible for the long, chilly months ahead. The following things can be done around your home (house or apartment) rental and are often easy to complete without having to enlist a contractor.

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