Hot New Chicago Restaurants To Try

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve had to turn to our kitchens for inspiration, dig out those delivery brochures, and remain indoors. With the rise of a new strain of COVID arriving to the US, you and your loved ones, “covid-crew”, or family may feel that a similar notion is best taken with precaution. Despite the reopening of the city’s outdoor dining options and capacity allowances, many may be opting to remain at-home and “dine” from the comfort of your couch. We get it – the same old delivery and take-out go-to’s are starting to feel routine,  but make it feel new again with exploring what Chicago does best: food variety, new and interesting collaborations, and pop-ups! The following is a list is a handful of rising stars new to the restaurant scene in Chicago. We hope you find something new to enjoy!  

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