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Logan Square Opens The “Come As You Are” Bar

If Motown’s considered “the sound that changed America,” then Scofflaw’s the bar that redefined Logan Square’s cocktail scene. It purveys inventive gin drinks with a pop-soul soundtrack. But we’re not here to exalt Scofflaw. We’re here to dutifully report Scofflaw Group’s latest and, according to Danny Shapiro most “come as you are” venture—The Moonlighter.

Danny, a founder, owner, and seasoned bartender at Scofflaw Group gave us the gist and induced mouthwatering interest.

All Photos Courtesy/The Moonlighter

Last Wednesday marked the official opening, and conveniently, the final night of the World Series. Baseball fans and intrigued eaters gathered for burgers, beer, and a level of “living room” comfort. The first of Scofflaw Group’s properties to include TVs, Danny assures us there’s zero pretension at 3204 W Armitage, just a casual ambiance.

Catch “the game”. Indulge in $2 rosé shots. Try the Pittsburgh—it’s his favorite. Blackened patties, blue cheese, ranch, and pickled red onion inspire, but we crave more. Danny complies.

In the vein of classic bar food, you can order house-made burgers, buffalo wings, loaded fries, nachos, salads, and sides. Late night cravings are made possible by the sleepless kitchen (open until 1AM daily and 2AM on Saturdays).

And to wash it down? 20 taps of beer including sour, craft, and local plus a respectable cocktail showing. This is a Scofflaw Group project, after all. And if you were worried about an intricate mixed drink competing with a beefy meal, don’t be. The flavors are refreshing but highly spirited. Large format offerings and 10 signature cocktails complement the eats, so grab a stool or post by the fireplace and chow down.

Now that we’ve talked provisions, let’s dig into uncovering the big “why?”. What prompted The Moonlighter’s emergence?

Necessity. Call Scofflaw Group the night watchman of food/beverages in “SOLO” (South Logan)—carefully filling in the “potholes” and providing enclaves that collectively cater to all. To recount—gin mecca, dance den, seafood aside, fern bar, and now, a “local”. Or upscale sports bar—whatever you want to call it.

When asked what about that area continues to sell the Group, Danny replies simply but ardently. The people. He praises open-minded followers—both locals and visitors that come to SOLO for a good drink and know better than to hijack a menu’s intent.

Speaking of modifications, what about health restrictions? Well, of course, they’ll accommodate those. The Portland burger features both a vegan patty and vegan American cheese. Gluten-free buns are en route.

So, come as you are “every night of the week” if you want. The Moonlighter insists.

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